I almost just had an asthma attack/heart attack due to: 1) the fact that I was having conversations with Brad and Liam through @qwoto™ and 2) Qwoto™ is almost at 500 followers.

This is complete madness. I don’t know if I can handle any more. O_o


Btw, I’m the co-founder of qwoto™ ^_^


So it finally happened….QWOTO met WOTO!!! Basically, as soon as we were at the front of the queue, we both went in time, “Qwoto wish to be knighted” and their reaction was like a mix between recognition and surprise, which was awesome. Then we were knighted and I gave them a load of drawings I did for them (at which point they saw the WOTO in the bath with Ben Cook and they tried to go find him to show it to him…but couldn’t.) and then basically initiated a photo shoot with them (sorry to anyone behind us in the queue, but they decided to talk to us as well!) It was sooo cool to finally meet them and hopefully we can nip back tomorrow as we forgot to buy a poster/shirt from them as we got caught in the moment, oops! 

P.S. Liam brought up that he watches our videos on YouTube and that we should keep up with them (which we are trying to)!! ^_^

We started a magical friendship adventure with YouTube.com/retardedcheesepuff on 13/11/14. Stick around and see where this journey takes us! ^.^

Sam and I have started a long-term collab project similar to the Vlogbrothers and Dear Tom/Dear Carrie, except that we have never met Chloe in person! We’re really excited to see where this project takes us so be sure to subscribe to both of our channels to see when we’ve uploaded a video! ^.^


QWOTO celebrate 500 (now 600) Followers! 

"Goodbye, Goodbye…Click like and subscribe" no really, please do. ;) 


Due to an extremely positive response to the idea over on Twitter, we have decided to do a Q&A to celebrate reaching 1000 followers on our Twitter page!

If you’d like to send us a question, either send us an ask here or tweet us with the hashtag: #AskQWOTO 

We’ll be filming the video on Wednesday so you have plenty of time to submit your questions! :D


The creators of QWOTO do the Super Shark Evil Eagle Tag Video! Thought you might like to have a watch. :)  


I put this on Twitter but thought I’d put it on here too. 

I’ll provide some background information to give you an idea of what I’m dealing with:

  • I live up north, near Manchester so I’d be travelling via train with one or two (maybe more) friends.
  • This journey may take about 2 or 3 hours and could cost quite a bit. :/
  • Although I have travelled much further than this on my own via train before, my parents would be worried that a) it’d be in a big city with just my friends and b) I’d be staying on my own for the weekend away from family.
  • Unless I stay with either my Godfather (mother’s cousin) and his family for the weekend [he lives in Essex] (not sure what my friends could do) or my Uncle and his wife/kids who also live in/near London. This would mean that my friends may have to find somewhere else to stay.
  • That is unless we stay at our friend Yzzy’s as she moved down to London permanently this summer and said she’d be interested in going and we could all meet up. I am yet to ask if this would be a possible thing. :3
  • As I’m the youngest my parents are pretty protective and I have only just turned 16 and they worry about me travelling so far.
  • Also, my parents going to London with us would not be an option, my dad works 7 days a week with hardly any holidays in the summer and my mum doesn’t like any crowded spaces so London is out of her comfort zone. 

I REALLY WANT TO GO SO WE (QWOTO) CAN MEET WOTO. Seeing as though Liam said we should definitely come next year too. :3 

Every single time Brad and/or Liam tweet or retweet or basically acknowledge my existence on twitter, I still fangirl. It’s happened dozens of times now thanks to @qwoto and I still react the same every time. I’m glad that they follow the page but I just find it so bizarre to think that they could talk about the page together and…I just…Urgh…can’t.stop.fangirling. :)