So I purchased a set of these for myself and I wanted to share a few quick thoughts.

First, they’re really impractical. No matter which set you get, the numbers are just hard to read. For me, the Menoth are among the better ones, but then you have the Cryx set, which I’ll just hope no one actually uses.

Second, they’re pricey. I’m ok with the cost, but they could just as easily have been cheaper, especially by saving the cost of the boxes they come in. The package can hold at least three sets of these dice.

That said, they feel good. Weighty but not heavy, they just felt good to toss around.

Have you guys bought your set, yet? What do you think about them?


Got Sam cool metal dice for Christmas - he’s currently doing a statistical test for proper balance. #holidays #dicenerds #dnd #qworkshop