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Sim dump

                                      -Cristal Mist-

                                    pastel rebble girl. 

                                      a little bit goth.

                                   Qween of drama.



                     a quick update:

                                        Soon: base sims!

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I absolutely adore this interview. Frankie is always personable and fun but it’s cool when he gets to be interviewed by people who strongly encourage those traits most. If someone tells you to skip a certain part - don’t. The entire interview is classic Frankie and it’s hilarious. No major news the grandtourage didn’t actually know 😎 but lots of fun, extra details. And there’s a cute lap dance Frankie receives at the end by a guy who - although, presumably gives lap dances quite often - didn’t seem prepared for how much he’d enjoy giving one to Frankie. 😂  Overall, I laughed so much I wanted to cry - and there’s a two part after-show where you hear more about all the productions he’s done on Broadway over the years! Definite must watch if you’re a Grande fan on or a fan of Hey Qween or Jonny McGovern. Glitter everywhere! 

~ H