Today I went for a little more casual with my red cords and a sweater.

But the highlight of today was getting to see BATKID save the city . I only got a short glimpse of him, but it was heartwarming to see literally hundreds of people turn out on Montgomery street to cheer him on.  Watching Mayor Ed Lee present him with a Key to the City right now!



A few things about today:

1. I think I want to start going for longer blazers and skinnier pants.

2. I learned to tie a Windsor knot.

3. I restarted my gym memberships at Ironworks and went climbing this morning!

4. Ran into my friend Nathan, who I thought lived in Alaska and who I haven’t seen in two years, in front of my building this morning! About to go have lunch with him.

5. Since I got dressed at the gym and Emma couldn’t take the photo for me, I had to resort to the bathroom selfie. I apologize for the 1999-esqe shot.

6. If you look closely at the tie, there is actually NO purple in it! Just tiny red, blue and yellow. Pretty neat, huh?


Ok so since I know nothing about fashion “rules”… I know you’re not supposed to wear brown and black together, but what about chocolate brown and navy blue? Unfortunately the colors did not come out very well here, but it’s a brown jacket and navy slacks, with a navy tie.