Here I am, dedicating a post to you.

Quynh, we met in 8th grade when the Ochoa kids and a few King kids went to Quickly’s one Wednesday afternoon. Henry was like “You know Ben?!” And there it was…when we found out we were cousins! Later on, we thought I was your aunt–we’re actually just family friends, but, dude, I swear we’re related. You’re still family to me no matter what. We had English together Freshman year and also Biology. I remember us doing a lab together and you did most of the work because I didn’t know how to dissect a worm/fish. I also remember you standing in front of the class to get everyone in alphabetical order for Bartevian’s roll call. LOL

You’ve influenced me to be more confident in myself. Yeah, I said that in another post for someone else, but it’s true for both. You’re outgoing-ness made me want to be more outgoing! Your hair-flips, which I now do on a daily basis, are so adorable, especially when you’re hair-flipping during Leadership at the front of the class. When I go somewhere with you your voice brings people’s eyes to look back at us, something I am not used to. It was so funny though, today at NewPark “SANTA!” I love you regardless. You always bring a smile to my face and I hope I bring one to yours too! When you’re sad, I get sad. But I always smile to lessen things up. Hope that helps!

You have such wonderful leadership skills. It comes with being super funny, super smart, weird, beautiful, and talkative. You’re very blunt about a few things. Remember our Best Friends Double Date night! You have such a big smile too! –random. haha

I have your Winterball wallet-size picture. The one with you and Dylan. I don’t remember you giving it to me at all. I found it as I was cleaning out my closet. Weird, isn’t it?–random too.

All of this summarizes to this: I love you Quynh!

We have the same middle name and last name! THE WINNERS!