Ramazan: What Happened To The Generations Of Believers Who Passed Before Us In This Holy Month?


Alhamdulillah, that we have reached to this Month. O Believers! This month, it is not a month for resting. This is a month of action. It is a month during which we have to change, and we have to become better. Because during the Month of Ramazan, Allah (swt) sends His Divine Support to those who are seeking.

Allah (swt) has always sent His Help to the Believers during the Month of Ramazan. But today, nobody speaks about what has happened in our history. Muslims do not speak, non-Muslims do not speak; why? Because the enemies of Islam do not want the Muslims to know their history. Muslims are studying their own jahilliyah history. Muslims are studying their own nationalism, their own history of their own countries. but the history of their religion, is something that they put aside. So long as the Muslims do not know who they are, they will continue to sleep. And as long as the Muslims are asleep, batil and the people of batil can continue their dejjalic mission. They don’t mind if Muslims read the Quran, and read Hadith, and pray Tarawih namaz for 3 hours in the Masjid, just as long as they don’t become interested in their history. Because the history of Islam, it is the key to unlocking the passion in the hearts of the believers. As our Sheykh, Sahib el-Sayf Sheykh Abdul Kerim el-Kibrisi el-Rabbani (ks) is saying, ‘Look at your history. Muslims must know their history first for them to be able to understand the hadiths and the ayats.If you don’t know the history of Islam then you cannot understand the hadith of the Holy Prophet (asws).’ And the friend of Allah speaks the truth.

What happened to the generations of believers who passed before us in this Holy Month? The month of Ramazan is the time when, more than 1400 years ago, 313 believers, 313 men of Allah, stood against an army of 1,000, and they were given victory by Allah (swt). 313 believers who had nothing in their hands, who had no weapons, who had no horses, against 1000 who were fully equipped to wipe them out ten times over.But this army of 313 believers, they gain their victory.The day that the Holy Quran calls Yawm al-Furqan, the Day of Separation, happened on the 17th of Ramazan, 2 years after the Hijrah, the immigration of the Prophet (asws) to Medina.We are talking about the Battle of Badr.That was a day in which Allah (swt) supported those who believed with sincerity, and sent them His Help from the Heavens, because their hearts were full of passion for His Sake to keep the name of Allah and His Prophet high.

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