Interviewer: Alright so there all these articles going on that “Cole iwas HOT, super hot!” So, what’s your workout?

Cole: I mean, I paid people to produce those articles. It’s a little flattery.

Interviewer: I’m sure it’s very flattery.

Cole: Oh, you know, it’s like Schrodinger’s sprouts on Twitter. Because of course there’s an audience of people that are like “Oh I love this guy!"and the other audience is like "Yeah, this guy sucks!”.

Interviewer: Well, I haven’t seen “This guy sucks!”

Cole: It’s flattering, truly flattering. If I had anything like Kj’s regimen, I;m sure the articles would be a bit different. But, I should probably work on that a little bit.

i just dont see how you can uncritically, as a black person, sit through all of DWP and think that this is an adequate social commentary on anti-black racism – so much that you advise white people to watch it and take pointers from it. like y'alls better off just reading think pieces on tumblr bc what they’re saying isn’t revolutionary/new for any black people, which once again leads me to believe this show was meant to pander and “educate” wypipo

My perfect Framework Arc ending. 

Even though mat Skyeward shipper want Farmework!Ward to go into the real world(and some part of me wants that too) my perfect ending for this arc is for just a scene after everyone gets out of the Framework where Ward is reunited with HIS Skye, the one that he loves and loves him back. The one that made him believe he could be a good man.

I haven’t watched the show since season 2 because I don’t trust the writers with his character after everything they put him through, after they let pass the opportunity of what could have been a great redemption and instead butchered the character until he was unrecognizable, getting so far that they actually had to make him into somebody else just to make him even more evil, killing him not once but twice, all the while making the other characters do things than if he had done them would just be an affirmation of how evil he was but because it were the ‘good’ guys doing it, it was justified.

I lost respect for May after she took the voice of an abuse victim.

I lost respect for Skye after she told a depressed, suicidal person that ‘he should have tried harder’.

I lost respect for Fitz when he cut down the air supply of a person just to make a point, even if maybe I would have wanted to do the same.

I lost respect for Simmons after she deliberately tried to kill a person after acting disgusted and calling them a murderer, a killer and a sociopath.

I lost respect for Coulson after too many times to count, but the cherry on top was after he crushed the chest of a beaten down man with no means to defend himself.

I definitely lost respect for the team when they brushed off the murder of a person as if it where nothing, as if a life had no value, because they ‘deserved it’.

Because at the end of the day killing is killing, it doesn’t matter the reasons behind t it, if you take someone’s life that’s on you, no justification, and if you’re a ‘good guy’ it a least weights on your conscience, something they took away from my favorite characters and made me hate them.

So, no, I don’t want Ward in the real world with people that are going to see a face that they hate and make an innocent man pay for the faults of another that wasn’t given the chance to prove he could be good.

I want him happy with someone that loves him, because even if he ceases to exist the moment the Framework is taken down at least Grant Douglas Wart could, finally, be at peace.

ID #10973

Name: Laura
Age: 17
Country: USA

Hey there! I’m interested in the fine arts though I focus primarily on the visual spectrum. Art is something I’ve always been really into and I love to talk about it often (so hopefully you’ll be into it too). I enjoy conspiracy/paranormal theories, watching documentaries, comedies (stand-up comedy) and animated films. I’m open to book and music recommendations, learning about new cultures and backgrounds, history, listening to people talk about something they’re really into and know what they’re about is great. I’m trying to learn Russian (so anyone out there who knows the language or is from Russia, welcome!), if you’re looking to improve your English I wouldn’t mind helping! I also know Spanish. I’m not so particularity great at small talk so if you wanna jump into any sort of conversations or topics that’d be great. Communicating with someone from another country would be amazing but I don’t mind anyone from the US either. I’m here for the laughs and a good (hopefully lasting) friendship

Preferences: I prefer those who are relatively within my age range (15-19), understanding and respectful towards the lgbt+ community and are capable of discussing a wide range of topics. I’d really like it if we can laugh and have really funny conversations but also sit down and have serious ones where we can exchange genuine opinions and talk about deep/serious things. Probably most available through email (kik or even tumblr) and I’m looking for someone who I can actively communicate with.

I’m not interested in someone who is racist, homophobic, sexist or an islamophobe. I am interested in feminism and am supportive of that community. If you aren’t religious that’s okay (I respect that and understand) so long you aren’t disrespecting anyone’s faith we’ll be okay:) I can’t promise I can do snail mail cause I’m not into giving out my address (maybe someday though when there’s more familiarity cause I find it very endearing) so sorry if that’s an issue