Mohatta Palace, Karachi.

Out of the hundreds of photos that I took on my trip to Karachi, these were the ones I was impatient to share the most! On my last day there(the day of my flight) I made a trip here thanks to my amazing cousins. The palace is beautiful. Many people didn’t know such a place existed in Karachi, which left me quite shocked. I remember going here for a field trip back when I used to study there in middle school. I really wanted to capture some mughal/subcontinental architecture type places. Lahore was ideally the place to be, given how the Badshahi masjid and other extravagant structures are in the heart of that city, but alhamdullilah I was able to remember about this place being in Karachi and my wish of photographing such a structure was granted! All throughout my visit here, I kept thinking of how ideal this place would be to shoot weddings and HOST a wedding at! 

Taking photographs inside the building was prohibited. I did sneak in a few photos by using the excuse that I was from abroad and wanted to show the other side of Karachi. Will share those later. 

For those living there, I highly encourage you to check out the art exhibit by Rashid Rana which is currently taking place there. I am not a whole art-gallery/exhibition type of a person, but his artwork blew me away. The way he portrays the city through different mediums of art is outstanding.

Karachi is a beautiful city. Editing these makes me all nostalgic. Wish I could be back there again.