So, I've started playing...

MONSTER HUNTER 3. I’ve become hooked and I’m loving it. I have fought my first big monster the Great Jaggi without dying, which I was so sure I was going to do, and thanks to my boyfriend and his WiiU I was able to play multiplayer and fight a Quropeco as well. That one was a little harder, I was lit on fire more than once and nearly pecked to death a few times. So it’s fair to say I’m definitely not a pro yet, but I’m working on it. 

The Great Jaggi wasn’t too bad and I was nervous. I’m secretly one of  those perfectionist kind of gamers. I want to do everything right and obviously with gaming that’s impossible unless you’re following guides and even then it’s not guaranteed. I’ve been following a Monster Hunter website, which you can go to here. Honestly without this site I would probably still be lost somewhere. I’m not a very confident gamer, yet.

With the Quropeco I was a little nervous but I really depended on my boyfriend because he is far more advanced than I am. Little did I know he was just going to let me get my ass handed to me for a little bit so I can figure out how to fight. Talk about tough love haha. This is definitely where I figured out that upgrading your weapon is pretty crucial. That may have been obvious to most but I wasn’t getting it. My mode and thoughts was “I’m gonna kill it”. I almost died a few times and my boyfriend definitely had to save me.

All in all, I love the game. Before I played it I use to compare it to Perfect World. I was so wrong, Monster Hunter is far more advanced. I’m not going to sit and diss Perfect World International.

In PWI you can do Quests, find new monsters, make your own armour, make weapons, have online play with other players, the characters are pretty, you can be multiple species. But honestly with fighting the monsters you’re just clicking one button and I think I’ve ruined my wacom mouse because of this. I had my own guild and everything and made a few online friends.

Monster Hunter has more complex controls, the quest are more fun, they have “boss fights”, you can make your own armour, make your own weapons, have charms, add skills, muiltiplayer, more popular.

I’m still learning about Monster Hunter 3 and I’m keeping up with the name of the monsters that I fight because I really like them.

Anyway, I’m a newb but it’s okay. I’ll be pro one day.

What are some of your favorite monsters? What has been some of your favorite battles?