so cold and so sweet || Qurael

Quinn finished cleaning up after the construction workers left vacuuming up the dust along the floor. She checked her watch and smiled softly as she started to strip off her clothes. In her bathroom she looked at the bite marks Klaus had made along her body. She hated these marks…wanted to hate herself for this happening. She was terrified of telling Azrael this, she loved him. She loved him desperately…she didn’t want to lose him but she had to tell him what happened. She had to tell him the truth. She brushed her blonde locks back softly as she finished dressing for the night. She made sure the marks were all covered the dress it at a point right above the marks on her breasts and her hair covered the one on her neck.

Quinn quickly made her way over to Azrael’s house and knocked on the door lightly biting her lip as she waited for him to open the door. She missed her love. She missed him horribly, she wanted to tell him everything that she had done while he was away since he hadn’t been watching her. She had to tell him…he deserved to know. All of this…was her fault. She hadn’t known telling Klaus to be the bad guy would end this badly. She wished she had though. Pressing her fingers against her bruised sides she took a deep breath and just waited for him to open the door. She hoped that their love was strong enough…that he would forgive her…that he would love her anyway. She would love him…she knew she would. She would go to the ends of the earth for Azrael…she just hoped he would see that in her eyes.