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hELLO THERE!! 🙋🏻 I just reached 500 followers a few days ago & exrtcgHIIvhj idek what to say 😭 💖 

I never thought anything like this would ever happen & I’m so appreciative of each & every one of you <3

I’ve had a good few months on this amazing community, made so many friends & gotten to know so many of y'all, not to mention the immense amount of help, motivation & inspiration you’ve given me ☺️ 

I though it’d be quite a cool idea to make a follow forever & a ‘thank you’ compilation for y'all. ^.^ Thank you for everything that you’ve done. You’re all amazing people & I know that y’all are going to do wonders for this world 💚

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  • *the following are in no particular order ahaha 
  • **i can’t really find out properly as to who my mutuals are, so if you are but your name is not bold, please do hmu & I’ll bold ‘em! Thanks :))

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Thank you all <3

(ps sorry for the super long post hehe ^.^ )

Thank you very much to everyone who entered my first Tumblr Awards! First I’m sorry I took so much time to post the winners but life got into the way. I also want to add that you all have amazing blogs so if you didn’t make it here it doesn’t matter much because you’re still amazing. Thank you for sharing your love for Narnia whether you make edits, headcanons, fanfictions or even if you just scroll blogs to reblog stuff you’re an important part of the fandom.

Here are the results!

peter pevensie ⇾ best url
@kingedmvnd winner

susan pevensie ⇾ best icon
@cairxparavel winner

edmund pevensie ⇾ best multifandom
@the-western-woods winner

lucy pevensie ⇾ best creations
@childofgallifreey winner

eustace scrubb ⇾ best writing
@hauntedthief winner

jill pole ⇾ nicest aesthetic
@willsolaces winner

digory kirke ⇾ best posts
⇾  @edmundpevensle winner

polly plummer ⇾ nicest blogger
@digorykirke winner

aslan ⇾ best narnia blog
@aslansblessings winner

aravis ⇾ personal favorite(s)
@tumnusses winner

Don’t forget you can come claim your prices anytime you want !

Vom rauen Atlantik überschwemmte Wiesenlandschaft in der Nähe von Stokkseyri an der #33 im Süden von Island.

From the rough Atlantic flooded meadow landscape near Stokkseyri at road #33 in the south of Iceland.

©islandfeuer 2010. All Rights Reserved | Please leave captions + credits intact

anonymous asked:

hello do you have any sehun blog recommendations? i want to follow more quality blogs like yours ;)

hiii and wow thank you what a compliment :((( i actually have a lot of fave sehun blogs so here we gooo

@whenxoxosmilesunshines - is by far one of my fave sehun blogs - she posts quality gifs and she is so so sweet !!

@sehurn - i can write a page on how much i love this blog but imma keep it short- the best edits, best gifs, and they are alwayss aesthetic and high quality. i don’t think there has been one post i haven’t liked

@smhsehun - SKFLKSDF anyi’s tags are hilariousss and she will mAke you love sehun mroe than ever - her blog actually helped me pick sehunnie as a bias :)

@baekgotsehun - eli’s sehun edits are SO FREAKING GORGEOUSS !!! so ethereal and unlike anything ive ever seen b4 like they are so so perfect i cant even my gosh

@sehunnified - another quality sehun blog!! and she is so so nice haha :))

@chogisad - wendy’s tags about sehun can make you laugh so hard im telling you go follow her for some chogilove and extraness 

@yehet-sebooty-ohorat - bae!! she has really quality gifs too

@vietnamesegf - really really quality gifs and posts :)

there are probably a lot more than i’m missing but here are a few to get you started <33

wargated  asked:

question, bc i'm thinkin my method of aggressively screenshotting videos on youtube might not be the best idea, how do you usually make your gifs, fireball :?

Mini Tutorial Time!

If you’re a person who does take multiple screenshots and wish to turn that into a GIF I would recommend EZGIF’s GIF Maker if you lack Photoshop. If you do have Photoshop and wish to make GIF’s from there, that’ll be a different thing altogether.

Those two options listed above are the more time consuming ones though. An easier option, one that I personally use, is by using GifCam by BahraniApps! It’s a free and easy GIF making tool that comes without any additional software or malware etc!

It works like a camera, and remains active above all other windows. You can resize the area of capture as well, and make your GIF more than 100+ frames long! It saves a lot of space too, provides many options, and is quite flexible. It can also record your cursor if you really want it to. It can save either as a GIF file or as a video. Honestly, reading the entire page can give you a better understanding on how to use it too. c:

Just remember that Tumblr has a size limit of 2MB for GIFs. If it’s any larger, your GIF will break and it’ll just freeze at the very first frame. vwv Editing GIFs are a different matter but are actually pretty easy once you know what you’re doing. :3

That said, if you’re feeling generous don’t forget to donate! BahraniApps makes a lot of good tools to use for free. :D