quoting time

I need to escape the four walls I’m trapped in right now. Not the walls of my room, or different classrooms. The walls keeping me stuck in time, preventing me from traveling, experiencing new things and falling in love with the world. I know time is passing, but it might as well be standing still because nothing is changing and each day is part of the same monotonous cycle.

There is a reality which is out the door, and down the track, and across the wide lanes and narrow corridors, and through thorn bushes of tea parties and peppermint tea, around the hedges that mark the border of time, into the still marsh of memory, up the winding path, around the bend, across the wide rickety bridge that looks over the clouds, down into the upper reaches of the atmosphere, and around the corner of a stagnant suburban street that smells faintly of freshly cut grass and outdoor eating.
—  Bill Kacir | The Voice of the Wilderness

she was right