So, I had a thought .

What if ‘May the Dread Wolf take you’ used to be a blessing? Fen'Harel was the breaker of chains and the freer of slaves, after all. He sought to over throw the ones who would set themselves up as gods.   Why would a people living in fear not wish him to steal them away?

“It inspired fear in my enemies and hope in my allies.” It sounds to me as though there were plenty of people who would have taken sincere oaths by the name of Fen'Harel. The name inspired hope in those who followed him, it stands to reason that they would have prayed, whether he wanted to be viewed as a god or not.

What if ‘May the Dread Wolf take you’ used to be a sort of quietly desperate prayer that he would come to their aid? Something akin to 'God go with you’.

Imagine how much it must have disturbed him when the quiet pleas for help gradually turned in to cries of anger, of rage and fear. It was no longer a prayer asking for his help but a slap to his face with every utterance. Another reminder of just how badly he had failed.

Is it really any wonder, then, that he has so little respect for the Dalish when they turned something that was, if not entirely pleasant, at least something to be proud of into an insult to his very nature and everything he tried to accomplish?

Because it used to be “May the Dread Wolf take you” with an unspoken 'And keep you safe.’ And now.. its not…


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quoth-the-ravenclaw  asked:

ok but bokuto wearing /just/ sweatpants and there's definitely a visible outline of his dick and akaashi does not know what he did to deserve this

It must be truly difficult to be Akaashi Keiji how does he cope with such a glorious boyfriend…maybe he just…doesn’t. But also:

“Put your underwear on, Bokuto-san”

“How do you know I’m not wearing any?”