I’m smart because I’ve made mistakes. You rarely learn anything from successes or the good things in life. It’s struggle and falling to our knees that makes us something more.
—  smokeinfreshair
I fell in love with him, and I realized that I was still alive. I had not realized how quiet and still my heart had been until it came beating out of my chest anytime he came near. I have always been my own, but I willingly gave my life to him so that I could live. He never takes that for granted.

That’s what love did to me.

—  Savannah Black| @savannahblackwater
If only our eyes saw souls instead of bodies, how very different our ideals of beauty would be.
—  fuckyouverymuch

I traveled the world,

To the four corners of the earth,

Searching for answers to,

And reasons for my birth,

No-one had any information,

Not even guidance of a way,

And that’s when I realized,

My purpose is entirely mine to say.

“I dreamt about you last night. I hugged you. I don’t remember what the dream consisted of, but I remember hugging you and feeling your back against my palms and it was like home.”

Words spoken with pure love, by pure love // smokeinfreshair

You’re my moon and I your ocean. I am deep and you keep me moving. I was still before you, and now I am waves crashing in the most beautiful way. I am forming new a new earth, a new life, all because of you.

Savannah Black


Don’t be a prisoner to the worlds expectation of what you should do and be. Take off the chains, set yourself free and do what truly makes your soul happy, that’s the only way to truly live!


I keep waking up
With a mind that is
Trying to form poetry.

It’s like my brain is trying
To connect the dots
With how I feel.

—  Savannah Black | @savannahblackwater