My love grows flowers where there are
flaws and laughter where there is sorrow.
I will continue to pour my love in dark
alleys and empty fields so they grow
thick gardens of lilies and orchids.

I will send my love where it is welcome
and take it when it is no longer required.

I will send it in poems, love stories and
sticky notes. But I will return home,
with my love, all beaten down and worn
out, unclothe it and bathe myself in it.
My love has to be good enough for me.

—  @akosuawrites // Akosua Atuah // Backyard
There’s a fire
in you,
and I want it
to burn in me too.

So come a little closer,
let me feel the flame.
Love me with a passion,
so i"ll never be the same.
—  Savannah Black
Hold me tighter, love me harder, and never let go
—  lifeandloveandloststars

She was nothing but a daisy that shone in darkness as it ate her up slowly like she was nothing at all. Since that day I have not seen a single light, not even once, I recall. It’s been so long, but still, my wounds revive every time I look into the mirror. Darkness is what I see. Darkness is me.

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