I fell in love with him, and I realized that I was still alive. I had not realized how quiet and still my heart had been until it came beating out of my chest anytime he came near. I have always been my own, but I willingly gave my life to him so that I could live. He never takes that for granted.

That’s what love did to me.

—  Savannah Black| @savannahblackwater
You’re my moon and I your ocean. I am deep and you keep me moving. I was still before you, and now I am waves crashing in the most beautiful way. I am forming new a new earth, a new life, all because of you.

Savannah Black


“Writers write these male stereotypes, and it makes it ten times more interesting if a woman say the lines”
Sigourney Weaver

Will you please stop attacking yourself. I don’t know where you got it in your head that there’s something wrong with you or that you’re unworthy or unlovable, because there’s isn’t and you’re not.
—  @ra-ashby