Him and I trust each other and that’s the biggest thing. Most of our affection is just all improv – it’s whatever we feel in the scene. When I step in to that character, I truly love Will and Will loves Sonny and I think that’s where the chemistry comes from. I’m just happy that us two were able to be paired up to do this.
—  Freddie Smith talking about what it’s been like working closely with Chandler [x]
Both girls really got comfortable and developed a good relationship with Chandler. With them being so young when they started, we weren’t sure if they would take a liking to him or not. It didn’t take very long for Chandler to win them over. He would spend extra time with them outside the studio to help develop that bond with them and it really showed on camera. Chandler is a genuine, classy guy with a big heart. One of the nicest, guys we have ever met. It was tough to see him go.
—  The twins who play Arianna on DAYS’ family talk about what it was like working with Chandler [source]
From Michael Fairman's interview with Ken Corday


I know Chandler Massey is leaving in December at the end of his contract.  Can you talk about what a huge contribution he has made to Days of our Lives as Will Horton?


Chandler is a natural, first of all.  He plays that character so well as a conflicted man having to go through all the things he went through with his family.  And to his credit, he has had a wonderful, wonderful co-star in Freddie Smith, who plays Sonny.  It was a perfect storm – a great story idea, a great actor who was able to do it.  Chandler deserves all the kudos he has gotten, and it was a well-deserved Emmy this second time around.  I wish he would stay.  I keep telling him to change his mind, don’t go away.  But there comes a time in every young actor’s life when they are pretty much at the top of their game, or getting there, and they to have to take time for themselves to figure out what’s next.  I take my hat off to him.  The door will always be open here to Chandler.  We are not going to recast Will, but I wish him well in the big pond.


We have met, we met back in 2011 and remained friendly acquaintances and then we sort of crossed paths at a party for a mutual friend back in October or November of last years. Charming guy, the sweetest guy. I hope very much to cross paths with him at the Emmys. I’ll be there. (Interviewer question: Is he rooting for the former Will?) Of course! It’s the Days family. At the end of the day, it comes down to story and Chandler did a wonderful job helping guide this story – the Will and Sonny story forward and I’m indebted to that.
—  Guy Wilson on Chandler Massey being nominated at the Daytime Emmy Awards [x]
Quote about Chandler from Deidre Hall's Q&A

Fan Question: Watching Marlena and Will bond over his “coming out” made my heart smile. As an openly gay man, i was touched to see #DAYS tackle this issue. What a perfect “mentor” for Will. How did that storyline personally touch you?? On behalf of the gay community, thank you for handling it with such class and elegance Days & Deidre. I’m honored and proud to say that I’m a Days fan!!

Deidre’s AnswerThank you for being such a loyal fan and I’m so glad you enjoyed those scenes. I adored working with Chandler and felt the same tenderness for him that you felt for Will. The scenes were magical.


‘He’s a great actor,’ Sweeney says of her onscreen son. 'He’s young and he’s been hungry and he’s fought for it and he has a great storyline at his fingertips. We’ve had great talks about making the most of it because he’s still a young adult. I can’t believe I sometimes find myself actually feeling like a mom towards him.’
—  source
Blake Berris talks working with Chandler

MICHAEL: How is working with Chandler Massey? I love the scenes between Nick and Will! They are some of the best “snot-off’s” I have ever seen between two characters on daytime!

BLAKE: Totally! (Laughs) Chandler is one of my favorite actors I have ever worked with. He is one of those people who when you get into a scene, and I am sure we work differently, but our working styles gel really well on set. We will run our lines, but when we go to tape, both of us are totally up for everything being totally different than the way we rehearsed it. We love surprising each other and sort of letting life play out in the most organic way we possibly can. Certain people make you feel really present, and Chandler is one of those people.

Read the rest of the interview here

Glamour.com has an article up about Days Of Our Lives. Included is a quote about Chandler. In there “5 Ways Days Of Our Lives got the Will Horton Gay Storyline right”, they included this quote about Chandler..

“In any other actors hands, the story would not carry the same weight. Massey brings a pureness to the role of Will that makes you love him. This is a brilliant young actor who will move you tears based on a look alone. Enjoy him while you can because I foresee a day when every major producer in Hollywood is going to want to cast this young man.”