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can you please reccommend me some 2Jae smut? I can't seen to find any :<


That’s it! All the 2Jae fics that I’ve managed to find are on this blog, by the way, there are literally no more 2Jae stories as of right now. I’m sorry this is all I could rec you, hopefully there’ll be more in the future!


“Since B.A.P was created, ‘music’ was always the center for us, so we want to become a group that shows constant effort and growth musically. That’s why we plan to not stop in the future with various musical trials and challenges. I want to show that we’re a group with infinite possibilities that are able to do those various musical styles. I want to grow as true musicians that aren’t limited by genres or borders, and advance worldwide with ‘our own music’ that we wish to do. I believe that’s the ultimate goal as B.A.P.” — Youngjae (x)

Got7 - Ideas

Manager: okay, as one of your managers id like to propose some ideas for your next era

Jr: yeah yeah yeah ok cool man cool

Manager: …okay. do you guys have any suggestions?

Jackson: yeS i DO ahahahAHAHAHAHHAHHAH *spazzes out*

Manager: what is it

Jackson: we appeal to our fan boys. ‘boyz boyz boyz they luv me’ 

Manager: thats pretty much the same thing as before anD it’s creepy as fuck

Mark: can we have those gay scooters again

Manager: uM hell no

BamBam: why? we looked so swag and manly

Jackson: oh yes bammy. u looked sooOooOo cute 

Manager: ok 1. jackson stop being such a pedo and 2. this comeback has to be DIFFERENT. you need something to wow your fans

Yugyeom: a beautiful ballad. serenading all of our fans. we caress their cheeks. we bathe in their love. we bleed for their desires. we run out of blood. our life is over. we die knowing our fans are happy

Manager: ok nO. youngjae do you have any suggestions

Youngjae: *laughs for no reason* uM idk ahahahahAHhahahhaha

Jackson: youngjae your smile is so alluring 

Manager: jackSOn can you focus

Bambam: lets do an aegyo concept. who ever is the cutest becomes the new leader of got7

JB: no 

BamBam: fine bitch im still cuter than you

JB: actually. im pretty cute

BamBam: oh really? does jackson tell you how cute you are every night before you go to sleep?

JB: yes

Bambam: ok well at least my earrings make sense

JB: at least my hair makes sense

Bambam: take that back

JB: make me bammy boy 

Jr: woah guYS dont fight

Jackson: ohhhhH yes fightT pleasE

Manager: GUYS CAN YOU JUST FOCUS. mark help me

Mark: *does a backflip*

Manager: how does that help me

Mark: im the visual

Manager: i hate you all goodbye

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can you do "cuddling with youngjae?" ^ 0 ^

“Gosh, stop looking at Youngjae like that! You two are already dating!” Mark groans as he slaps your back into reality.

You sighed. “I can’t help it.. he’s just so—”

“—dreamy? Talented? Cute? Hilarious?” Mark cooed, mocking your voice. “You’ve said that ever since he transferred to this frozen yogurt shop… Speaking of which— there are people waiting at the register! Go go go!”

You shrugged off your best friend’s comment and walked over to the cash register to help out the customers in line. Once done, you went back to your spot: behind the counter, in front of the fruit trays, in between mangoes and strawberries. You continued to admire Youngjae as you leaned your elbow against the counter and smiled.

His back was turned to you as he restocked the yogurt cups directly in front of you and you couldn’t help but think that he has a really nice back.

“If I had a dollar for every time you checked out Youngjae today,” Mark slung his arm around your shoulder, “I could pay for my dream trip to Japan and back.”

Before you were about to smack Mark, Youngjae turns around and heads in your direction. Immediately, you push your friend down to the ground and plant a small kiss on Youngjae’s lips as he leans over the counter. “Our shift’s almost over,” Youngjae smiled as he checked his watch. “Mark, when does Jackson clock in?”

“Soon, hopefully,” Mark coughed as he regained his composure and stood up from the floor. “If you both want to take off now, that’s fine. I’ll man the fort ‘til then.”

“You sure?” you asked as your eyes widened. Mark letting you spend time with Youngjae? It was a wish come true.

Mark leaned in and patted your shoulder. “Get out now before I change my mind,” he smiles and whispers to your face.

Walking hand in hand with Youngjae on the street, you couldn’t help but feel how lucky you were to have him as a boyfriend. Ever since he started working with you and Mark, there were many customers that seem to come more frequently just to see the new employee. You admitted it bothered you, but you were grateful that Mark put in a good word for you as the two boys grew closer together. (It’s amazing how the mutual friendship of Jackson Wang can spark a friendship.)

“So!” Youngjae smiled as he swung your hand. “It’s still bright outside and we have a lot of time on our hands. What do you want to do?”

“Um—” you hesitated a bit. What did you want to do? The perfect opportunity was here to have a decent date with Youngjae, something you shouldn’t let slip through your fingers. “I’m not sure…”

“Well— do you want to go back to my place?” Youngjae asked. He realized what he had just said and tried to cover up. “I MEAN— I DIDN’T MEAN IT LIKE— I JUST— MY— HOUSE— COME— OVER?”

You laughed as he struggled to tell you he didn’t mean that in any innuendo form. ”Sure! I’ve never been to your house anyway!”

At the sight of Youngjae’s house, you were speechless. Youngjae’s told you stories about how his house is an attention grabber to nearby pedestrians, and now you could see why. It was enourmous, especially for a house in the small suburban area he lived in. ‘Whoa,’ you managed to mouth as you were sitll in awe approaching the house. 

Walking towards it, you could have sworn that it’s two and a half times bigger than your average-sized house. Entering, Youngjae led you down the foyer, which you noticed was free of dirt or debris. “Sorry for the mess,” Youngjae apologized as you continued to follow him dumbfoundedly. 

Entering the second room on the left, you came into what appeared to be a living room. “Make yourself at home,” Youngjae smiles as he sits down on the nearby couch and pats down the seat next to him.

Plopping down right next to him and resting your head on his shoulder, you were in full view of the super-sized television. As Youngjae turned it on, he noticed how surprised you were at everything in the house. 

“Did I forget to tell you that my parents are CEOs of a huge BB cream company or—" You glared at him and nodded. He laughed in response. "Well, they are! I’m sorry if— it’s a bit too much—”

“No no! Don’t worry! It’s fine!” You grinned, convincing him that you were very satisfied.

Into whatever news program he was watching, Youngjae didn’t notice that you were growing bored. True, you liked being in your boyfriend’s arms in his extraordinary house, but you didn’t like how you were wasting this precious time with him.

With a puff, you turned the television’s volume down. Youngjae was about to question you when you looked up at his face with those big eyes. “Oh no..” he mutters. He sits up and adjusts himself. “Are you bored of me? I’m sorry it’s just—”

Before he continued, you pushed him down on the couch until his back was laying down. Surprised at your actions, he didn’t suspect you to lay down next to him and wrap your arms around him. “I just wanted to.. um.. spend time with you,” you confessed.

“Well, we aren’t doing it like this!” Youngjae smiled. Sitting up, he adjusted himself once more and put a pillow behind the two of you so your heads were elevated. He then moved himself up a bit so that you could lean your head easily onto his chest. He then swung his right arm around your back and to your waist so you were snuggled up against his right side. “Better?”

You nodded enthusiastically. Now this was the kind of quality time you wanted with him. Snuggling up against him, you sighed in happiness.

“I’m sorry we haven’t been able to hang out as much,” Youngjae muttered. He kissed your head softly and caressed your arm wrapped around him with his free hand. “It’s just— We’ve still been unpacking even though we moved here a few months ago, I need to do errands for my parents, I need to keep up with my university studies, I need to make sure I show up for work, and—”

“Shh!” you hushed him as you covered his mouth. “You talk too much when you’re feeling uneasy,” you commented. He sighed and nodded. 

“But it’s not too much for you, is it? Only being able to see me at work and in my rare free time? I’m sorry for such a busy schedule.” He scooted up a bit on the couch. “See, when we moved here, I figured my life was going to be more stressful. Now that my parents are twice as busy, I have to do extra house work as well as extra errands for them. And because they haven’t been able to lend me money, I have to make some on my own, which is why I applied for the job at the frozen yogurt place.” He sighed in a tone that seemed at ease. “And that’s where I met you.” He brought you closer to him. “If it weren’t for you, I would have probably become insane. You’re the calm of my storm.”

You hit him lightly at such a cheesy comment.

“It’s true!” He wrapped his arms around you tightly. “Now that I have you, I can get up in the morning happily, knowing I have such a pretty, talented, wonderful girlfriend to see at least three times a week.”

You couldn’t help but smile. You weren’t aware of how much of an impact you made on Youngjae’s life. You were always thankful that he became a part of yours that you never really thought of how much you meant to his life.

He turned your face towards him and he leaned in for a quick kiss. “I love you,” he confessed.

Your heart started to race. This was the first time those words came out of his mouth. You couldn’t help but utter the same words back to him. “I love you, too.”

On that note, you and Youngjae continued to enjoy your cuddling heart-to-heart session on the couch until the sun came down four hours later and you dozed off in your boyfriend’s arms.