I thought I moved on from KPop after dropping Exo, after almost all of Exo-m left, along with many other groups that I no longer feel are interesting to me anymore. But after 4:44 came out I realized pretty quickly that I’ve grown too fond of the boys to let go so easily. My biggest hope is that through all of the conflict, B.A.P will emerge victorious and 4:44 will no longer apply; we will have our hip-hop back and no harmonicas; and B.A.P will be happy. (Anon)


If this is another media black out, I’m going to throw a bitch fit

*UPDATE* People are inboxing me and telling me that it’s because it only applies to a small sort of the kpop fandom. Allow me to school you fools. If you think this doesn’t apply to every. single. Kpop. fan. you are sorely mistaken. B.A.P everybody. They’re a part of the first few group to EVER stand up against their company as a whole and actually fight for their rights. So many of you just sit around and complain about how ur favorite oppa/unni is working with an injury/illness or looking tired on broadcast but do nothing to try and help them. You can help them! You can help them by supporting groups like B.A.P who have the balls to stand up against oppressive entertainment companies and fight for their fucking rights because they don’t deserve to be treated like animals! THIS is change. I’m tired of the same cycle. Of idols either too afraid and oppressed to take a stand, or groups who take it to court and are overruled or withdraw because of no public sentiment/support. Stop allowing this to happen! If you want your idols now, and the idols of the future to be treated the way they should be, don’t ignore this. The Hallyu wave didn’t spread across the world because people ignored it. It flourished and spread because people talked about it and spread it all around with social media. We need to overcome social media blackout because social media is our biggest power. If B.A.P wins, imagine the uproar it will bring. A idol group actually wins against their multimillionaire entertainment company. More and more groups will realize that it’s possible and will be inspired to fight for their own rights too. That’s why we need to take part in making this happen! If you love ur idol take a fucking stand for them. #KdolsNeedRights #JusticeforKdols GUYS FUCKING REBLOG THIS POST DONT JUST LIKE IT GDI