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‘Better Call Saul’ Season 3

As a series ‘Better Call Saul’ has had some truly stunning cinematography by Arthur Albert. There are shots of sprawling southwest vista and parking garages that are complex, simplistic and skillfully composed. Season 3 the series shines with each episode. These are two of my favorite shots from season 3 that have really stuck with me.

Hai mai fatto qualcosa di così orribile da non riuscire più a guardarti allo specchio? Del tipo che il tuo stesso riflesso ti da il voltastomaco?
—  The vampire diaries
Why can't my hair be as perfect as Cheryl Blossom's?

someone get a 2 bedroom apartment with me. rent would probably be pretty high (like $1200ish) but minimum wage here is $11 so if we’re working the same amount then we’d both be getting around $1200 each month, meaning we’d each only be losing one paycheck per month toward rent.

benefits to being my roommate:

- 24/7 access to my bookshelf
- i have a lot of video games and video game consoles connected to my 55" 4k tv
- i am generally pretty quiet and keep to myself so i’ll likely be out of ur way
- i’m a vegan so if ur not then u don’t have to worry about me eating ur snacks


- i don’t deserve to live