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1) Most Italians eagerly supported fascism until they started losing the war. 2) Somalia was colonized by Liberal Italy.

Sorry for the delay, it took me some time to write this. Hope my ideas are pretty clear. :)

First, let me say that I don’t like when people  want to teach me the history of my country, whether in its positive and negative episodes, especially when in the original post I was trying to make somebody understand that victims of a natural calamity NEVER EVER deserve what have occured to them. 

Anyway, if you want to talk about this… 

1) In every dictatorship, obviously there are  people who truly support the dictator because they believe in what he says/does, but this doesn’t mean that everybody in those years was “Mussolini’s fan". Remember that most of people were “induced” to support Mussolini, by using propaganda from small children to old people (la Campagna del grano, i Balilla, for example) AND with violence (Camicie nere, you know?). In that post I commented, I meant that you can’t say “Italians deserved the earthquake because they were/are Fascists”, because first nobody deserves any kind of natural disaster, second because, in that dictatorship, I’d say a huge 65% of people couldn’t even understand that they were obliged to follow Mussolini (let’s say that he was pretty smart - in a negative sense: being a dictator in a country where only a small amount of population can read and understand what they’re reading … Way too easy, isn’t it?). You know, maybe it wasn’t on a scale as large as Hitler’s Germany, but Italy was a dystopia too from 28-10-1922 to 25-04-1945.*

2) Shortly, Italy colonized Somalia first when Historic Right ran the country (after the Unification), then Mussolini came back to Africa and made Somalia officially part of the Italian Empire. Yes, it was a Liberal State, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that Liberal countries refuse colonization: we shouldn’t forget that, back then, every European nation (Liberal or not, except Spain and Portugal, if I remember correctly) wanted colonies all around the world. But, once again, my comment on that post wasn’t about defending Italian settlers (last thing you could ever hear from me is the defense of any kind of white supremacy, wheter it be in the past or in the present). I was trying to explain that you can’t say people deserve to die TODAY because for 20 years the was Fascism FROM 1922 TO 1945, ok? Especially when during that dictator ship, not everybody was by Mussolini’s side and there are examples that show how population was violently or psycologically forced to be. IN ANY CASE, innocent people NEVER deserve to die, especially when they are victimes of a natural disaster.

It’s completely wrong when someone claims “Italians love to forget they were Fascists”, because we don’t erase a negative part of our history so easily. I don’t know where you’re from, but here in Italy we couldn’t forget those 20 years even if we tried, because we are taught about it since we are 10 years old. We KNOW there was Fascism, everything here reminds us of it, but it is not an exuse to say that “Italians deserved the earthquake”. 

* By the way, nowadays too some stupid crazy people still agree with Fascism, but it’s not because they are Italian: it’s actually because they don’t have anything inside their head, only a black hole. 

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