susurrusilous  asked:

10, 27, 61 for the mass effect ask?

10. Best Shepard quote? - “I won’t let fear compromise who I am.”

27. Blue, Green, Red, or Fuck You? - red, every time

61. Best story moment in the games? - ooh that’s a tough one. there’s a list but to choose just one, i’ll go with shepard at the end of me3, dragging herself up, bloodied and battered, choking out, “what do you need me to do?” because she’s never in her life said “no.” even when she probably should have.

thank you!!

But if I hold your hand,
I’ll never let go
and if I look into your eyes,
I’ll never look away.
So I warn you to stay away
And I try to push you away
Because you just might
leave me one day.
Then I’ll be left wishing
I could’ve held you
for one more day,
Playing the lyrics that
remind me of you on replay.
And then I’ll blame
myself for letting you stay
Only regretting that I
didn’t beg you to stay,
Only regretting that I
that I let you slip away.
—  I.m.
What is a legacy? It’s planting seeds in a garden you never get to see.