quotes on strength

If you wanna know the truth about somebody. Go straight to the source and ask them yourself. Don’t be a coward and ask everybody else. Make your own assumption of each individual and find out for yourself. You will be surprised of what you may find out.


Turn your situation around. Don’t moan and cry. Do something about it.

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Sometimes you have to be a little crazy in this world because normal sucks. Dare to be different. If everybody was the same there would never be an argument, envy, jealousy, etc. Its good to have all those things so that it can make people a better person and know and understand how to deal with problems. Being different and crazy is what makes us unique and unpredictable. Dont believe me…… Just ask

Never listen to the haters in your life. Most people that hate are either jealous because they can’t do what you do. Or they are envious because they wish they had the confidence and motivation to achieve and do what they wanna do in life. Positivity is contagious. Spread it to everybody.

I try to treat people with kindness every single day. Then there comes a time where be nice is over. People can only take so much until its time to fight back. Stand up for yourself and dont take any crap from anybody. Sometimes it doesnt matter why we fought or why we died. What matters is how it is one against many and you stood your ground against the ones tried putting you down and told you that you can’t do something. Throw it back in their faces and say “Screw you…. i did it.”