quotes on strength

Strength is realising that what you love, isn’t what you need. There’s a subtle difference between the two, because love essentially makes you believe that the person you love is absolutely necessary to your survival. They’re not. They’re meant to compliment your growth and life. And if they don’t, strength is realising you’re better off without them.
—  Sanskriti, The Final Wave 31 Day Writing Challenge - Strength is…
【Prologue】Spring and Trap-2

translator: @genius-emily

“Spring! Spring! Pull yourself together!” Someone kept shouting the bunny’s name. 

 The bunny can’t hear the voice anymore. 


That person is waiting for him. 

He did a promise with that person.

 "Goldie…..” The bunny’s instinct has always been accurate, and it’s telling him that something terrible is happening. 

 He must find that person.

The bunny immediately stands up, finds a little hole and climbs through. He sees a shadow. 

The bunny started running, using his last strength.

 "G-G-Goldie!!“ The bunny followed the shadow into the basement. 

He kept shouting, but he only received silence. 

The golden bear fell asleep, peacefully. 

 "Goldie!! Wakeee up!!” The bunny jumped happily onto the the golden bear. But the bear didn’t notice the bunny’s actions and kept sleeping. 

The bear looked very pale, his emaciated body looks like he haven’t been eating anything for a long time. 

The bunny kept shaking the bear’s body, but the bear doesn’t seem to wake up. That bear has already stopped breathing. 

But the bunny can’t seem to understand that. He kept shaking the bear’s body until he gave up. 

The bunny gave up on shaking the bear’s body, he took a chair and sits beside the bear. 

The bunny is very smart, he knows what happened to the bear. 

 "Liar…..“ The bunny held his old friend’s hand. The bear can’t complete the promise with the bunny, the bunny tries to hold back tears.

"No way….. he… he can’t be Goldie……..” The bunny thinks that this body is not the friend he knows.

He stood up from the chair, he wants to find the real bear he knows. 

 "..! Aaahh…..!!! It hurts..aaaahhh!!!!!“ The bunny puts his hands on his head. His condition has recurred, and it’s much worse this time. 

 The bunny walks around unsteadily, he saw himself in the mirror. Those ears. 

 "Aaaaah!! THOSE EARS… aaahh..!!! Aaah… IT HURTS…” The bunny took out the scalpel from his pocket with hatred, and sliced his right ear with all his might. He cut it off in the end. 

 The bunny was filled with more pain.

 His screams echoes through the room. 

 The ear he cut off fell to the ground, the blood keep splashing out

The bunny fell to the ground, and passed out again due to the pain.

※to be continued※

shepardmoreau  asked:

London and Cairo for the city asks?

london: how do you take your tea?

if it’s black, three sugars with milk. if it’s green, just two sugars

cairo: what’s your favourite quote?

“you gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. you are able to say to yourself, ‘i have lived through this horror. i can take the next thing that comes along.’ you must do the thing you think you cannot do.” ― eleanor roosevelt,

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Imaginator OC #4

Name: Snowbrawl

Quote: Strength you can BANK on! / Forecast calls for Victory!

Element: Water

Battle Class: Smasher Bazooker

Species: Frost Elf

Bio: The youngest guard at Winter’s keep, the other elves would often tease him for being scrawny and lacking facial hair like the others. He trained hard but just couldn’t seem to get any bigger, and as he walked through the snowy Bastion bemoaning his fate, a golden ray of light attracted him to a shine in the center of the Keep. He crept up to it and was drawn to a golden handle sticking up from a thickly packed snow bank. It was the legendary Excalibrrrr which no elf had ever been able to pull free, but it called to him, and with a few strong pulls, the brilliant light of the Legendary snow shovel beamed down over him as he held it aloft. Suddenly, the loud rumble of an avalanche began to shake things up as Kaos’ Greebles  began to mine the top of the mountains. Without a moment to lose, Snowbrawl ran in and scooped the flowing snow up with his mystical shovel, rolling it up into a huge snow ball as he headed up and mountain and rolling up the Greebles before dumping them all off the mountain.

He was hailed as a hero and soon enough, was off to Skylander Academy. However, once there, he learned that even with his Magical legendary snow shovel, he just wasn’t up to snuff when it came to smashing. While greatly discouraged, he eventually finds his calling as a Bazooker, and even has Excalibrrrr’s gold melted down into a wicked four-barreled bazooka

1) main attack:
While he originally swung his golden snow shovel around like an ax, with his bazooka, he instead shows super fast skinny missiles that break open into smaller explosives to damage more enemies

2) Elemental attacks: While he originally charged around and collected snow into a huge ball that could roll up enemies, he now summons blocks of ice from special ice charges and shoves them at enemies

3) Special attack: While he originally summoned snowmen allies to attack enemies for him, he now uses his bazooka to blast off up into the air and scatter bombs to fall around him

In game form:

Brain bulletin board

Live laugh love - Madeline jones
The squad takes care of its own
Rock climbing is the ultimate lesbian sport bc it’s all abt finger strength"- Madeline jones
“Live fast die young hot dads do it well”- Brian Tassey
“All I keep in my purse is pencils and ten lipsticks I don’t wear and maybe one three year old tampon”- Madeline jones

Good times:
10/7/2016: Madeline, Sarah, and Bryzie got more stoned than ever in their whole lives and hotboxed bryzie’s bathroom with lights off and the disco ball on and candles lining the sink and listened to French music and stared at the lights for like 2 hrs and then did clay masks
Gal-lery events
Farm party
Monday night strange brew
Bryzie and Madeline did lines of Ritalin off a table in the shaskeen