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How to Find Your Happiness

We’ve all seen some version of this scene: the child at the playground, covered in ice cream, wearing a tiara. She’s surrounded by fun toys, fawning parents and other happily screaming kids. Yet, although her world appears to be exactly as she’d want it, she is beside herself sobbing in utter distress. My point here isn’t to illustrate the simple statement that happiness can’t be bought or that spoiling your children is bad. What I’m suggesting is that most of us are not all that different from the little girl on the playground. Many of us are going about happiness all wrong.

The fact that I wasn’t what he wanted, doesn’t mean I’m missing something or I’m not good enough. It simply means he was looking for pink, and I was blue.
—  the different colour theory.
(I was the best damn blue. But blue was never pink.)