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George has a smile that really warms my heart and brightens my day, I also find it very comforting at times when I really need it. It’s the most beautifulest smile I’ve ever seen.♥


“He was essentially a shy, private young man, but when you got a smile out of George, it lit up the page.” - Mike McCartney,

“But it was definitely his smile that hooked me - this incredibly sexy, crooked grin, almost a friendly sneer (like Elvis, I thought) that etched little lines in his cheeks, bringing your attention simultaneously to his heart-shaped face and his slightly crooked teeth.” - Chris O'Dell


Scans - George Harrison (and director Richard Lester) on the set of Help!, Bahamas, possibly 7 or 8 March 1965; scanned from Remember.

Photos: Mike McCartney

“‘A cup of Rosie Lee, George?’ With a Bahamian cop in the background, holding his cup of tea between takes on the Help! set, George gives me a 'Here you are again, cheeky monkey’ look. He was essentially a shy, private young man, but when you got a smile out of George, it lit up the page.”

“On the set of Help! George is looking over the shoulder of Dick Lester, who directed both the Beatles’ movies. Filmmaking can be an incredibly boring process; we’d hang around for hours waiting for something to happen. To pass the time we used to watch blue movies in one of the boys’ dressing rooms, but even those were boring… unless you ran them backwards! They were supposed to be hugely erotic but we were on the floor, rolling around laughing at all the naughty bits they were doing… back to front!” - Mike McCartney, Remember

some lame quote about the saddest people smiling the brightest

I’ve been meaning to rotoscope this gif set for Roscoe for ages, because the boy deserves to smile more, lest he forget how