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Adore You: 1

Title: Adore You

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 686


You never really loved the city life even though you were born and raised in the city. The crowded streets, the noise, and the lights never pleased you. In fact, it really bothered you, but you tolerated it because you have to live here.

Walking down the streets, you noticed the amount of couples that surrounded you. Normally this would annoy you, but for some reason, it brought a smile to your face. Maybe because you were about to see him.

You walked through the revolving door of YG Entertainment greeting the receptionist as you walked by her. The familiar wooden door made your heart race.  

As you pushed the door open the sound of laughter and an unfinished beat filled your ears. “Y/N I haven’t seen you in forever!!” You rolled your eyes and gave Kush a hug. 

“Byeonghoon I just saw you yesterday what are you talking about?" 

The elder smiled and let you go. "I know but your one of my best friends I missed you!" 

"You see me every day.. literally.” You turned towards the man that seemed to make your heart race effortlessly. 

“Haesol!” Haesol did his infamous half smile and hugged you. “Ready to work?”

 "Aren’t I always?“ You shot him a smile and sat down on the couch. Byeonghoon continued to work on the beat some more, while you and Haesol started on the lyrics.

The closeness started to get to you after a while, the scent of his cologne filled your nostrils making your head spin. You couldn’t think straight let alone focus on anything Haesol was saying. 

You hadn’t realized you’d zone out until you heard Haesol snapping his fingers in front of your face. “Huh? I’m here sorry.” 

Concerned washed over Haesol’s face as he watched you snap back into reality. He watched you for a bit then just shook it off. Maybe you were tired.

“I was thinking, instead of having one person doing one verse and one person doing the other why don’t we sing the whole song together?” You thought about how well your voices would go together that way.

“You know what I like that idea. Just think no one has done a song like that in a long time too, so it’ll be something different.” 

The two of you worked on the lyrics, these lyrics becoming somewhat personal because it’s something you’ve done before. Drunk texting. 

Haesol got in the booth to sing, then you went in to layer your voice on top of his. You went through this process all day just about trying to get the song just right. 

Finally, the two of you finished the song and you were almost positive that the three of you would still be in the studio until the sun rose. Listening to the rough draft of the song you smiled at how the song turned out. 

“Guys this song is amazing. You two sound incredible!” Byeonghoon bobbed his head to the beat, getting engrossed in the song. Haesol nudged your shoulder getting your attention.

“You did amazing Y/N. I can’t thank you enough for doing this song with me.” Hawsol smiled showing off his braces that you loved so much.

“Ah, it’s no problem this song is amazing. Just a few more edits from Byeonghoon and this song will blow everyone away.” 

The blush on your cheeks was probably noticeable. The way your name rolled off his tongue made your heart skip a beat. In all honesty, this whole situation was cliche, but at this moment you didn’t care. 

You looked at Haesol scrolling on his phone, his blonde hair was combed back, and his face was free of makeup. In this moment in time, he wasn’t Zion.T, he was Kim Haesol and this was who you started to fall in love with.

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I hide everything behind a smile.
—  he told me this and for a second I wanted to cry because it took him so much to admit that and I think I always knew his smiles were fake but I never wanted them to be. I wanted him to be as happy as he put off but it didn’t make sense; he didn’t make sense.

George has a smile that really warms my heart and brightens my day, I also find it very comforting at times when I really need it. It’s the most beautifulest smile I’ve ever seen.♥


“He was essentially a shy, private young man, but when you got a smile out of George, it lit up the page.” - Mike McCartney,

“But it was definitely his smile that hooked me - this incredibly sexy, crooked grin, almost a friendly sneer (like Elvis, I thought) that etched little lines in his cheeks, bringing your attention simultaneously to his heart-shaped face and his slightly crooked teeth.” - Chris O'Dell


Scans - George Harrison (and director Richard Lester) on the set of Help!, Bahamas, possibly 7 or 8 March 1965; scanned from Remember.

Photos: Mike McCartney

“‘A cup of Rosie Lee, George?’ With a Bahamian cop in the background, holding his cup of tea between takes on the Help! set, George gives me a 'Here you are again, cheeky monkey’ look. He was essentially a shy, private young man, but when you got a smile out of George, it lit up the page.”

“On the set of Help! George is looking over the shoulder of Dick Lester, who directed both the Beatles’ movies. Filmmaking can be an incredibly boring process; we’d hang around for hours waiting for something to happen. To pass the time we used to watch blue movies in one of the boys’ dressing rooms, but even those were boring… unless you ran them backwards! They were supposed to be hugely erotic but we were on the floor, rolling around laughing at all the naughty bits they were doing… back to front!” - Mike McCartney, Remember