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Harry: Remember Eggsy, that your fork always stays in the left hand and your knife in the right.

Jack, gesturing to Eggsy: Also kid, if you want to eat like an American you can use the zig-zag method; which is bascically changing your left utensil with your right utensil. It’s easier, at least for me.

Harry, annoyed: Good advice, Jack. But I do believe that you follow the host. Which is me.

Eggsy: Harry! He’s just being helpful. I don’t know any of this shit. Thank you, Jack.

Jack: No problem, Eggsy. If you want, I can give you other lessons. If you know what I mean.

Eggsy: *blushes*

Harry: *looks into the camera like in the office*

Your Life🌏

This world is yours. This life is yours. Think of your life like a book, it has different chapters, it’s normally judged by the cover (even though it shouldn’t be), it has an ending. Now when your writing a book, would you let someone write a page for you? No, because it’s your book and it would be out of place. Why then are we so quick to let others alter how we dress, act, live, etc.

Nobody can write your book better than you, nobody else can do it but you. If you want to do something, do it. It could be the next best memory you have, and if it’s not then learn from it. People constantly use the excuse they need to wait for the right moment. But there’s never a guarantee that moment will come, so you spend that time waiting for nothing.

Enjoy life to the fullest, write your own book.

“In our culture we have tended to stress "originality” as a supreme value in writing. The pressure to be “original” has often worked to inhibit writers - especially student writers- and thus to prevent them from actually developing ideas…
Once you realize that all texts are reworkings of other texts, that writing comes out of reading, that writing is always rewriting, you can see that the desirable quality we call “originality” does not mean creating something out of nothing but simply making an interesting change in what has been done before you"

- Text Book (Scholes, Comley, Ulmer)

Type 4s take note

Incorrect Quotes

Ed: hey, babe, I can fit the whole world in my hands.

Me: *distractedly going through mail* you must have big hands, then. Unless you bring me a globe.

Ed: *grabs my face and turns me towards him, squishing my cheeks*

Me: …?

Ed: *grins*

Me: *realizes and goes redfaced* o-oh.

Ο πόνος για τον άνθρωπο είναι ίδιο με τον αέρα για την φωτιά… ο πόνος κάνει τους δυνατούς δυνατότερους και τους αδύναμους πιο αδύναμους, έτσι και ο αέρας σε μια φωτιά θα την κάνει πιο μεγάλη ενώ μια μικρή φλόγα θα την σβησει.

only the true

Today, in celebration of university terms and unemployment, @jimtheviking, Small Ben and I will be attempting to watch ALL THE STAR WARS. We don’t care about your fancy ‘watch them in *this* order!’ lists. We’re just going to plough on through. This will only be the second time I’ve seen RotS. Probably only like the fourth time for AotC. I know I’ve already seen TPM more than I needed to. I’m making alcoholic blue milk and I’m going to be drunk and emotional by the time we get to R1, is what I’m saying.

I might attempt to keep the internet updated, but it might be kinder if I don’t…