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I actually finished a painting? I actually like it?? :0
I’m also selling it if anyone is interested! Water colors on 140# arches, the paper is 12x16" but the painting itself measures about 10x15" shoot me a message if interested or follow along on Instagram @ blindysky or my Facebook page, Sky Smith Photography and Fine Art!

the single most messed up i’ve ever been from a moment was when we were doing a book signing in a town called Bristol in England, and we met one really emotional mum - a sad mum. i mean anyone would just get slaughtered by that, there’s no way you can stand up to a sad mum, and she was just like “oh, my daughter or my son have had a really really tough year” but she was really emotional and crying and she was like “i just want to say thank you, everything’s been terrible. but just because they’ve been watching your videos, they’ve been smiling and having a good time”. that was the most real i’ve ever seen something and she was saying “it’s not like you’re Superman or you know..” but simply like - she just wanted to say “thank you. beacuse just by providing this light entertainment, you’ve been so helpful. i really appreciate that you’re just doing whatever the heck it is that you do” and it was that moment where i was like “i can’t complain about anything really” because even if i doubt like “how good is my content? why am i doing it? what’s the meaning of anything?” all of that doesn’t matter when you have that one mum saying “thank you”. despite what you think of what you do, purely because of it existing, you’re doing this really great thing - and that’s just stuck with me for a long time.
—  @danielhowell (at Playlist Live 2017)

Not again. #prayforvegas 💔(there are more than 50 deaths, I wrote this piece when the news first broke and at that time only 50 deaths were confirmed, each innocent death has killed a part of world’s hope #NeverForget)

Planned mass murder is terrorism! You can’t pick and choose who’s a terrorist and who’s not! Terrorism is terrorism no matter what your beliefs are. Double standards by the media. Smh. It seems every colour is a terrorist expect white. #prayforvegas #StephenPaddockisaTerrorist

EDIT: Also for the ones who are trying to defend by reiterating the definition of “terrorism”…bud relax there are many deinfitions of terrorism, and no universally accepted one! So forgive me if I don’t accept and agree with America’s definition of “terrorism”; a country that couldn’t bother to give civil rights to human beings until the 60s and is still prejudice towards Africans Americans for having those rights!