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Yew: If you bite it and you die, it’s poisonous. If it bites you and you die, it’s venomous.

Edea: What if I bite it and it dies?

Yew: That means you’re poisonous.

Agnes: What if it bites itself and I die?

Yew: …That’s voodoo.

Tiz: What if it bites me and someone else dies?

Yew: That’s correlation, not causation.

Magnolia: What if we bite each other and neither of us die?

Ringabel: That’s kinky.

Join Neil Patrick Harris For Dinner & A Broadway Show, All Proceeds Go to Fight AIDS (Exclusive)
The actor is offering dinner and a Broadway show with himself and husband David Burtka to raise money for (RED).

How do your kids feel about you as Count Olaf?
Harper loves dark, horror, scary. She’s very into the Pirates of the Caribbean movies right now. So yes, they’re liking the dark tone of the show. They’re looking at it from very unique eyes because they were onset for some of the filming, and we would FaceTime while I was getting the prosthetics on so it wasn’t so jarring to see that I’d turned into a different person. But it was fun to sort of play with the different voices when they saw me on daddy’s iPhone.

Do you have any destinations coming up that you’re looking forward to?
Well, I’m talking to you from Orlando, Florida where the family takes our yearly trip to Disney World. And I’m a super hardcore, theme park, Disney geek. So I’m loving it. And my kids are 6 now, so they’re loving it and looking forward to it. They’re having on uniquely impressive experience after another. I have a little bit of travel coming up but that’s more promotional. I’m going to Brazil for a few days, then London and Berlin. But it’s hard to appreciate an environment when you’re stuck in a hotel room.

Your family has become a kind of poster family for the LGBT community. Is that a role you embrace or just something you’ve learned to accept?
I’ve learned not to embrace any nomenclature or title, even in your fare magazine. When you attract one type of persona, you get kind of swatted for saying it. So I’m really appreciative that I live in a time when I can be married to my husband and have two kids that are ours, and we can raise them with positivity and not a lot of ramifications of the negative. So I will let people think of that what they will.

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“Harriet looked at them but said nothing. With the exception of a weary expression and slightly red-rimmed eyes, she looked the same as she always did… First of all, don’t put your fucking hands on me, Vega.” The words came out even and controlled, and she didn’t so much as twitch as she finished speaking.” 

Just about everything in this world is easier said than done, with the exception of “systematically assisting Sisyphus’s stealthy, cyst-susceptible sister,” which is easier done than said.
—  The Hostile Hospital, Lemony Snicket

bloodysuds  asked:

Hey, I had kind of a melt down today. I'm at Disney, and I saw my reflection in a window. I freaked out over how fat I looked. I started zooming around looking for anything in a gift shop to cover up with. I'm a "recovered" anorexic. Any advice?

There is probably not much I can say since I am not a therapist or anyone who knows a lot about EDs. Of course I would tell you that there is nothing wrong with being fat, if you happen to be. What is wrong is the evil of the social environment that affects you to the point of not wanting to be seen because of how your body happens to be. I’d tell you that your body is beautiful and a “perfect imperfection” like everyone else’s.  BUt you probably have heard that a million times.

However, something comes to mind when you mentioned “recovered” in quote marks. In this series Elementary, Sherlock often talks about what being a drug addict and what being “sober” means. It really caught my attention.

He comments that he thought it would be a state of being, but it actually was a continuous fight. Something you’d need to always fight with and for. It is not an achievement but a maintenance. 
Your statement reminded me of it and I wondered if someone who left an ED behind also feels this way. As I said, I don’t know much about it but I am always wanting to learn. 
If that is the case, I hope what you read here and from other fat positive people help you to, at least, overcome the pressure and the fatphobia that our society tries to force on you. I hope we, together, can fight your daily fight and be more free every day from whatever hurts you.
If you did before, I’m sure you will again. You have more tools now and we will provide you more. Much more love and acceptance for your own self.

Love you a lot. 

- G

Straight people: there are so many gay characters now, it’s starting to get annoying.

we, the gay: WHERE ARE THEY?