quotes series

  • Lemony: So, Beatrice, we are on a date.
  • Beatrice: Yes, we are.
  • Lemony: Let’s engage in some date conversation.
  • Beatrice: Okay.
  • Lemony: Who is your favorite president? Mine is Rutherford B. Hays, for obvious reasons.
  • Beatrice: Have you ever been on a date before?
  • Lemony: I have! I’m just trying to be mature and responsible- PORK!
  • Beatrice: …..That took a turn.

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I don't know how to watch a series casually

If you don’t obsess over the character and the actors, adopt them, call them your sons and daughters, edit some pictures of them with quotes from the series, write 2k analysis on their favourite type of cheese, 1k analysis of favourite brand of underwear,read 100k fanfic at 4 am with red eyes, write some fics, draw at least 5 fanarts, have a tumblr….what is even the point? ;)

Like, to me… I stress through the days with a hundred thoughts in my head and… Everything can be totally chaotic, but… When I start to pray everything turns silent and clear… Because in spite of all this chaos, you remember what really matters. It’s fine because everything has a meaning and a purpose. Because like… Did you for example know that in the brains of cockroaches there are nine different types of antibiotic molecules, that are stronger than any type of penicillin we have today? Because! Every little part of the universe is so complex. Imagine! Even the brain of a cockroach has a bigger purpose on Earth. It comes down to every single little detail. And I… Just can’t believe all that is random.
—  Sana.