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6 Signs You’ll Achieve Your Goal

1. It’s clearly defined. Having a clear mental picture of what the goal entails is essential if we are going to make the dream a reality. We must know what it would look, sound, smell, taste and feel like to live in the reality where we’ve achieved the goal. 

2. You feel excited about it. We are much more likely to achieve the goals that we’re actually excited about than those we feel like we “have to” do. This is the difference between obligations and commitments, when we’re committed to our goal we will go out of our way to achieve it, but if we’re obligated there’s a tendency to half-ass our efforts.

3. It has a date attached to it. A goal without a date will remain a fantasy because “some day” never comes and saying “one day” is just as good as saying “when I can be bothered I’ll do it”. When we attach a date to our goal we become accountable and add a sense of urgency which encourages us to take action.

4. It revolves around something you love. The only way to do great things is by doing what we love, we cannot hope to achieve greatness if we are not passionate about what we do. The likelihood of achieving a goal skyrockets when it revolves around something we love to do because it fulfils us.

5. Wanting to achieve the end result motivates you. If thinking about the end goal makes us want to get out of the bed and take action instead of sleeping in for an extra hour - this is a clear indication that we will achieve it. 

6. There’s nothing else you’d rather do. If the goal is something we’re not 100% committed to then we are less likely to achieve it than if we have tunnel vision and are only focused on bringing about significant changes in our lives through achieving this goal. Whatever we focus on grows.

A goal without a date is just a fantasy.

Peace & positive vibes.

today, give someone a heart not because you like their post, but because you admire their courage to publish it.
—  too many people put themselves out there on social media and return to find no likes on their poem, no positive comments on their song. basing your self-worth on how many thumbs and hearts your creativity earns is a dangerous thing but we all do it to some extent. i’m not normally a believer in doling out positive feedback for participation, but sometimes participation takes guts. stripping off your clothes and your skin and showing yourself to the world in a song or a poem takes serious fucking courage and most people never do it. most people who do stop because they get no positive feedback on their art. those people are sitting at home right now dreading the end of the weekend when they have to go back to a job they hate and occasionally they wonder whether they would’ve made it as a musician or a writer if they had just kept on, if they had just persevered. there are plenty of famous artists who never got any recognition ‘til they died. today, give some recognition to the living – to the creators who haven’t surrendered. there aren’t enough of them left. 
I’m proud of myself for these recent small victories, but now isn’t the time to start celebrating and taking it easy. It’s time to double up to accomplish my goals.
—  Affirmation of the day.