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“Im okay
Im fine
Its okay
Its fine.
These common 4 phrases will undoubtedly be said many times in a women’s life. They start when youre young. Not young enough to be able to cry to mommy, but enough to feel the need to convince people that you truly are okay. Because to cry is to show defeat. Hurt and anguish are just like the plus 4 cards in uno. Everyone can get dealt bad cards, but if you loose your poker face, you’re sure to fail. And to show emotion: true emotion is to loose at the game of life. ”

—  A.P
  • Yuuri: Did you tell anybody we’re engaged?
  • Victor: Yes, Yuuri, I have no self control and I told the pretzel vendor we’re engaged.
  • Yuuri: Okay, no need to be sarcastic.
  • Victor: No, seriously, I have no self control and I told the pretzel vendor we’re engaged.
When he saw her, he realized how much she had changed.
Her stomach had flattened and her body gained more shape,
Her hair longer and darker than ever, falling in large curls.
Her usual scars and imperfections had left her face,
Revealing even more of her sun kissed skin.
Her laugh was louder and her smile was brighter.
And for the first time in 8 months he noticed her beauty,
And realized he had lost her
—  A.P

You know what I find funny? That there was a point in time where you had a best friend and you literally told them everything and now they don’t even text you to see if you’re okay or even text you period. It’s just weird how time changes things.

Usually when I feel lonely it’s not because I don’t have people around me it’s because no one seems to think the way I do therefore I feel alone because I’m surrounded by so many people that don’t know who I am.