quotes on peace

I still can’t believe this. My hands was shaking when i heard the news. Everything went blank. I couldn’t process the news in my head.

My dream is to meet you guys one day and tell you guys how helpful you are to me, how you’ve helped me going through depression, how much you really mean to me.

My hope, my dreams are all crushed right now. I can’t think clearly.

I couldn’t sleep last night. Had the Linkin Park songs on repeat. Trying to figure out if your song is actually a cry for help, or it’s just a song.

The way u sang “Sorry For Now” made me cry like a freaking baby last night.

“And I’ll be sorry for now
That I couldn’t be around
Sometimes things refuse
To go the way we planned
Oh I’ll be sorry for now
That I couldn’t be around
There will be a day
That you will understand
You will understand”

I really hope that one day i will understand why u did this to us, and i want to understand.

Rest in peace my idol, you’ll always be in my special place in my heart. I will never forget you. Goodnight and rest well, my angle :)

RIP Chester Bennington