quotes on motherhood

Motherhood is such a beautiful part of a woman’s life and I’m so happy you chose to embrace it.
It’s 9 months of a person growing inside of you.
9 months of all those chemical, hormonal changes in your body and stretch marks spreading across your skin like maps to places you forget to love, bringing out all the softness you buried under your chest when the world got too rough.
9 months of every side of you that’s still learning how to heal.
None of it all matters when that tiny bundle is cradled in your arms, struggling to keep her eyes open.
I hope you’re not too rough pushing her out of the nest and teaching her how to fly.
I know you’re scared for her future and for your own, but there’s nothing wrong with taking a little more time in learning how to get back on your feet and walk again.
I hope you teach your child to be brave enough to fall over and over again because you’ll always be there to pull her back up so that the pitter-patter of her footsteps and the melody of her giggles resonate through your house, which has forgotten it was ever quiet.
I hope you teach her to get trapped in the web of her own head and fall in love with the things that save her.
I hope you teach her to be loving and caring, to know the difference between fairytales and snares, to stumble on rocks and bleed but to never stop craving the smell of fresh mud after the rain under her feet.
I hope you teach her to believe in the marvel of her curious wide eyes and scraped knees, because even when you catch a butterfly and she sheds her colours on your palms, she doesn’t stop escaping and fluttering her wings.
I hope you teach her how important it is to follow your own heart because you never want her to grow old and realise that in her pursuit for stability, she forgot how to be happy.
But most of all, I hope you teach her to be kind. To learn to love the fuzzy feeling of warmth spreading across her chest and her palms every time a wide smile stretches itself across someone’s face because she’d rather buy them food than save all her paychecks for jewellery she’d never use.
To teach her to be happy with being called crazy every time she’s grinning and excitedly talking about how she rescued a mangled puppy off the streets to give it a home.
To teach her how the world runs on these random acts of kindness but everyone is so deeply immersed in their own troubles that they forget how important it is to smile.
Last of all, I hope you teach her to say, “I love you” and never not mean it.
—  Tamarind Fall; Writing prompt: To the friend who is pregnant and about to give birth.
Motherhood met me young. Some may see that as a failure. I don’t. I have fully surrendered and succumbed to motherhood, letting it wash over me and smooth out all my jagged edges and shape my unruly parts. It’s healed me in ways I never knew I needed healing, and it all started with those two pink lines.
—  Being a Young Mom Does Not Make Me a Failure, Lexi Behrndt
your mother is tired - 
she puts you to sleep,
your mother is sick - 
she makes you tea,
your mother is hungry - 
she makes your favourite meal,
your mother is sad - 
she hugs you so you feel better,
your mother is afraid,
she checks for monsters under your bed,
your mother is lost -
she helps you find your way;
your mother has always been there - 
she deserves love for more than a day.
—  marina v., every day you are alive is a day to thank your mom.

Women have been so often cast as mothers, potential mothers, caretakers, servants, assistants, and handmaidens of all sorts that it’s become a conscious but also unconscious expectation that anyone who isn’t - at least some of the time - must be inherently unnatural. And when we find a woman who doesn’t fit this mold, we work hard to sweep her back into her box, because if she gets out, well…it might mean she has the ability to take on a multitude of roles. 

-  Kameron Hurley, The Geek Feminist Revolution

A woman is capable of more sacrifices than a man. Man is more apt to be a hero, through some great passionate outburst of heroism. But a woman’s love makes a thousand small sacrifices, sprinkling them through the days and the months; their very repetition gives them the character of the commonplace. Not only her soul, but her body, has some share in the Calvary of Redemption; furthermore, she comes closer to death than man, whenever she brings forth a child.
—  Venerable Fulton J. Sheen, “Life is Worth Living
I guess I would say: above anything else, stay true to yourself. Whether that means for you that you like to have blue hair, or you don’t like to drink, or you are attracted to the same sex, or you want to remove yourself from Facebook, or you’ve got 3 different kids from 3 different dads but you know you’re a really good mom, or you cry for a week because your turtle died. Whatever your truth is, stay true to yourself. But be a good person while you’re at it.
—  Gillian Anderson
your mother will look at you
differently; the way her mother
looked at her when she did the 
same thing. your mother will seem
cold and distant and like she disapproves,
your mother will seem angry, and 
you will be confused. baby girl, she is
not mad, she is sad; she is sad for you,
for the cold steel you felt inside you, 
for the pain that felt like a knife, for 
the looks you will get every time you say
you had an abortion; for the disapproving 
quiet from the people you love; for the shame - 
baby girl she is sad; for not protecting you better,
for the fact you had to grow up so fast; for the
fact that she had to, and her mother had to,
and most of us have to. she is sad,
and her sadness is so great it feels like anger.
she is sad, so she might not tell you this the way
she needs - none of this is your fault and you made
the right choice. there is nothing to forgive yourself
for; you made the right choice, your choice.
—  marina v., look at your daughters with love.