quotes on inspiration

أوضحُ مِمّا تظنُ، و أعمقُ مِمّا ترى
 Clearer than you think, deeper than you see.

I find you in the first ray of sunshine
entering my room in the mornings,
in the smell after rain,
the salty scent of the sea,
in the heavy taste of red wine
and the soft paper of old books,

you are in the shifting colour
of the evening sky,
the aroma of lavender back in France,
in the light of a full moon,
the curves of the highlands
and in the citrus taste of tea,

but then again,
I see you in the night sky,
the calm before a storm,
the electricity of thunder
and in the broken mirror back at home,

you are in the taste of bitter coffee,
and in the richly coloured nights,
in the pain of finishing a story
and in the awe of city lights.

—  // you’re everywhere and I can’t wrap my head around it
It wasn’t until he looked at me and saw everything you didn’t that it hit me. All this time I had been trying to convince you to see me. But the truth is, you did see me. I realized that seeing isn’t always believing. That sometimes you have to believe long before you ever see.
—  Vivi Dale