quotes of songs

Tutti noi abbiamo un filo che ci lega a qualcuno, ma la vita è imprevedibile e non sempre va bene.
Spesso i fili si intrecciano l'uno con l'altro fino a che perdi la persona che ti appartiene
—  Mr Rain

“My circle of friends”
-Gorillaz, Humanz

I like the fact that this is the last song in the whole Humanz album. Circle of Friendz has that soft and calming sound that makes you think of something nice or positive. Something beautiful.

It made me think that 2D dedicated this song for his bandmates. Despite the hardships he went through physically and emotionally in all those years, in the end he still got his band, his friends.

His family.

Murdoc, Noodle and Russel.


westerosi wars: greyjoy’s rebellion » 289 AC

Robert should have scoured the isles after Balon Greyjoy rose against him … He smashed their fleet, burned their towns and broke their castles, but when he had them on their knees, he let them up again. He should have made another island of their skulls.