quotes of greatness

  • Draco: I wasn't even that drunk last night.
  • Harry: You were flirting with me...
  • Draco: You're my boyfriend.
  • Harry: You asked me if I was single and when I told you I wasn't you started crying.
  • Draco: ... Yeah that sounds like me.

It is through your failures and adversity that you learn more about yourself and what you are made of. You also learn whether your goals/what you are pursuing is worth it! So embrace failure….it is just part of your path to greatness! ❤❤

I’m not perfect. But I wanted to be for you. And so, even though part of me knew from the start that our story wasn’t entirely under my control, everything about you made me want to ignore that small fact a little bit more each day.
—  🖤

Cities & Moods: Tübingen, Germany 

Es blüht das fernste, tiefste Tal:  Nun, armes Herz, vergiß der Qual!
Even the deepest, most distant valley is in flower. Now, poor heart, forget your torment. (Ludwig Uhland, Frühlingsglaube) 

inspired by the wonderful moodboards by lovely @expatesque:)