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I said, meet me in the garden.
You know the one–
it is called Smiling Spring.
There are nightingales chirping away,
wine and candle lights,
and companions as soft as
pomegranate blossoms.
You think this all would sound so perfect!
But without you by my side,
what use is the Smiling Spring?
And when you are with me,
what use are pomegranate blossoms?
—  Rumi, ‘Meet Me in the Garden’ (trans. Shahram Shiva)
  • Dean: I’m gonna take him down!
  • Sam: Dean, you’re like an ant to him. You know he was tall like the Chrysler Building when he was an Angel but now that he’s God...
  • Dean: OH YEAH!?
  • Sam: *laughs awkwardly* ...What?
  • Dean: *blushes like Hell’s fire’s flames*

[Image: In what is a screencap from the Grand Tour (I think?), we have a very, very, VERY ragey Richard Hammond–he’s wearing a light blue shirt with darker blue sports jacket; his body’s half turned from the camera, but his face is facing the camera and he’s been caught mid-loud-shout. The caption reads: “(701): I don’t need inspirational quotes. If I’m going to be motivated, it will be by anger and spite.”]

anonymous asked:

Wattpad is an online storytelling community where people post their written works such as stories, fan fictions, poems, articles etc. It has millions of users and the feedbacks reach incredible numbers. Also, publishing houses more and more search for works to publish on there; A LOT of new writers who are actually selling their works are from Wattpad (people who were simply amateur and who got their works published because lots of readers liked them). You should try.

Oh cool, thank you so much for letting me know. (I also got your other message, but I’m on mobile and can’t quote it.) I’m definitely gonna look into it! 🙏🏾

The Jack Thorne Appreciation Project

So, as we approach the first full year run of Cursed Child, a potential cast change this year and a move to Broadway next year, there are projects of thanks for the cast, but I and others think there should be one for Jack, whose words have touched so many lives. @bounding-heart shared this apt quote from Jack: “I’m a Potterhead. I’m a Potterhead till I die. The idea that my people might think that I’d done a terrible job on the set of books that I love was almost too much to bear, so I hope they don’t feel like that.” 

We’d like to reassure him that he did us all proud.

So, send in what you want to me, and I’ll put it all together into something that can be physically sent to Jack. If letters are your thing, then write, if art is your thing then draw, if videos are your thing then film. Whether what you want to offer, digital or physical, get in touch with me. My email is orcasontap@hotmail.com, or my Twitter handle, @OhMyNarwhals, or send it to me on here. If you need a postal address, please contact me via private message.

I’ll make a deadline of April 30th. The project will be mailed on May 1st.

Please share this with Cursed Child fans far and wide. I stress, you do not need to have seen the play. If the script alone has moved you (as it still does me), get involved! :)

genuinely good and pure sunny moments
  • “did you hear my song?” “i heard it. i loved it. great song charlie.”
  • mac giving dennis the rocket launcher
  • the entirety of dee gives birth
  • “can i bare my soul to you for a second, man?” “of course buddy.”
  • like…the entire end of the christmas episode??? frank giving everyone the presents they wanted…..everyone throwing rocks at trains together…..wholesome.
  • “hooooooooly shit!! is that the ocean??”
  • “sis, i love you.” 
  • "i think i’m out now. yeah. yeah. i-i’m gay.” 
  • anytime the gang sings.
  • the gang recreating entries in charlie’s dream book and giving him a new rat stick because they think it’s his birthday.
  • “charlie did the elephant drawings. you should keep them.” “i did those for you man.” “i like them.” “you should like them, i put a lot of work into them. and thank you for saying you like them.” 
  • charlie’s valentine’s day song to dee
  • the end of white trash when the gang cools off with the fire hydrant
  • every chardee scene in the gang misses the boat.
  • “let’s go be with the gang.”