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Think about all the energy you’ve spent on people that are no longer in your life and imagine all the things you could have done for yourself instead.

“Is there any other way, for you to forget him? For you to avert your feelings and lend it to someone who loves you too?” he asked.

She looked at him and said nothing. But then he waited. He waited until she stared down and slowly turned her back against him. He waited because he’s still hoping that she will look back and say something.

—  ma.c.a // One Word, Please

Someone once told me I reminded him of autumn. If people were seasons, I’d be falling leaves and the smell of wet wood. He said even my perfume reminded him of the earth. I suppose in a way he was right. Autumn always reminded me of sadness - the trees crying gold, the wind sweeping them off the ground like pretty little yellow butterflies. No matter how beautiful it looked, everything was sleeping, almost dead, or maybe dreaming. Sometimes I feel like I’m withering away, other times I feel like I’m drifting somewhere I could be alive again. I don’t know why I’m so drawn to the idea of someone saving me. Maybe one day I’ll find someone who would call me spring, instead.

Autumn // Genefe Navilon

“If I’d’ve known that would be the last hug you ever gave me, I would’ve held on longer.”

- D.N. // excerpt from a book i’ll never write #189

  • Nobunaga: Do you have a boyfriend?
  • MC: No, I’m very lonely.
  • Nobunaga: I can be your boyfriend.
  • MC: I’m not that lonely.

“October 17, 2017

You were exquisite

In that suddenly

You were everything

I never thought I wanted

And suddenly

You were everything

I couldn’t help but love”

— k.h

Let’s lay and forget this whole worldly mess
now we entwine on this bed freshly made
and leave behind all that had us afraid;
slowly learning love’s not a game of chess,
as in this embrace our long sighs confess
every word we’ve so anxiously weighed
‘til only truth shines in the daylight’s fade
and the lone stars illume your falling dress.
Shyly, a crescent moon mimics your smile
and brightens the sky to match your eyes,
envious of how yours now beguile mine
for I had been her lover for a while;
longing to one time traverse the vast skies,
but heaven’s where earthly bodies entwine.
—  “Discovering heaven”, a Petrarchan sonnet by M.A. Tempels © 2017
We often try to box ourselves into different categories, maybe because we want to understand ourselves better or perhaps because we are too lazy to explain our complexity to others. But, you know, it’s okay to be a discolored girl, to fit in the middle. Because as long as you are doing what’s making you happy, you are doing it right.
—  giulswrites

I can’t get your intoxicating smile and bright eyes off my mind

“how do you expect me to remember how to breathe when you’re looking at me like that?”

A.R. {you}