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George and Olivia Harrison at the Chelsea Flower Show, which took place 21 to 24 May 1996.

Photo © Nils Jorgensen

“We used to go to the Chelsea Flower Show every year and get lots of ideas and really look at the plants. George was a real plant person. Then we’d go pursuing them for the next year. […] He always thought that if there was a space in a city it should be used for a garden.
[…] He liked being out in nature. […] His passion for gardening really developed [when he moved into Friar Park]. […] We went to a lot of botanic gardens. Wherever we went to, if there was one there we’d go.” - Olivia Harrison, Liverpool Echo, 20 May 2008

The 2008 Chelsea Flower Show included From Life to Life: A Garden for George, designed by Olivia Harrison and Yvonne Innes; a photo and further information, for anybody who may be interested, is available here.

“The Brian Clarke mosaic for the From Life to Life, A Garden for George. At the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, London [May 2008].
The garden was conceived and designed by Olivia Harrison and Yvonne Innes. Brian collaborated with the design and fabrication of a sinuous coloured path that unwinds through the garden and reflects the various stages of George Harrison’s life. From Liverpool to enlightenment.
” (Quote and image source: brianclarke.co.uk)

“[Olivia Harrison] described the creation of the From Life to Life garden as ‘a joyful experience’.

She said: 'We tried to make it a narrative of George’s life. It was very difficult with such a big life and such a small space.

'It’s developed in four tiers, each one depicts a section of George’s life, linked together by a path.’

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