quotes for real yo

The Outsiders as real quotes from ppl at my school

Curly: Yo, shut up before i lick your nipples!
Soda: *to an elderly substitute* oh my bad *grabs her hand and kisses it* dont worry ill marry you later
Johnny: My names red violet,, wAit-
Pony: *white boy voice* yo,, this is my jAm yO!
Tim: *taking off shirt* yO i dont care,, ill take my shirt off right in front of the teach er *staring directly at the teacher shirtless*
Twobit: i am SICK and TIRED of your god mother,, god son,, god father,, god aunt lookin ass!
Steve: *throwing pop its on the chorus room floor* N O i cant get in trouble for these,, theyre barely firew o rks

Hoy mientras miraba la luna me puse a recordar todos los momentos que pasé con ella, y me dijo a mi mismo; es hora de superar, así que lo hice mientras sostenía fuertemente la mano de mi tío.