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I Find It Cute When Boys...
  • Ginny: Let you wear his sweatshirts
  • Luna: Listen to you when no one else does
  • Pansy: Like cuddling
  • Hermione: ... Have proper grammar
  • Harry: Have that little half-smirk thing going
  • Draco: You mean like me? *wink wink* *smirk smirk*
And now I’m going to destroy the NCIS squad, and hopefully the United States Government.
—  Ari said. And failed. And also died.
It doesn’t matter who misses who more or who loves who more, baby. The point is we are both in it whole heartedly, even if your heart is bigger. I give you all of me and you give me all of you. We cope with the distance in our own ways. You are beautiful and intelligent; I am strong and determined. We both hold on. You’re the lover and I’m the fighter and at the end of the day, we complete each other.
—  k.d.