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offonoff - Cigarette (feat. Tablo, MISO)

Come to think of it, love is like a cigarette
Burning at the tip of it but quick to burn out

Like a cigarette, it may get you sick
but you’ll never get sick of it

So light one up now

생각해 보니, 사랑은 담배와 같아
끝까지 타지만 또한 재빨리 타버리지

담배처럼, 널 아프게 할 수도 있어
하지만 넌 절대 질리지 않을 거야

자, 이제 불을 켜 봐


TABLO is very close to BTS especially Suga who all look up to him as a big senior. Epik High’s music inspired Bangtan to become musicians.

In a recent interview, TABLO (EPIK HIGH) stated that his main inspiration for writing and composing “Lost One” were artists such as BTS, who respect and are inspired by Epik High:

“There have been a few people who’ve said that they started dreaming of making music because of our music. In particular, I once watched a video someone sent me where members of BTS said that they started dreaming of making music after hearing Epik High’s song “Fly. I’ve seen a few others say that over the years as well. That was what was in my head”.

Tablo also mentioned that advice from seniors in an industry is usually positive, and contains messages like “You can do it,” or “You can do well.” To this, he said: “I think it’s a shame that I couldn’t only talk about good things if I were to say something to those who start to dream after seeing me because there are so many painful things as well on the path that I’ve walked. At the same time, I think that these words could also seem like a comfort. If our children ever want to follow the path we’ve taken, I’d start by playing this song for them”.

Some lyrics of the song: 

My child, when you follow
Look carefully at the path I tread
One day, I’ll no longer be able to walk beside you
Leaving my footsteps here. See these? Avoid them
Follow those who chose the easy path, since that’s the answer
Since the path I chose is crooked like a question mark, and only gives to rise to countless problems
You look up to me, but I hope your dream doesn’t turn out to be a nightmare once you wake up
Now that I’ve run to the very end - the eternity, healing and answers I was looking for? Not a thing

My family was the reason I ran, but this path took them away, too
Perhaps the starting pistol was aimed at my back
Listen up. Even though the whole world welcomes you, that very world will abandon you - gotta let go
Before it’s too late. Cuz I’ve been there before
They may be spectacular to the eyes, but don’t be fooled by the diamonds and gold
Don’t get drunk on applause
Sometimes, they’ll tie you up with compliments
Even when they spread a red carpet for you, don’t forget
That it’s been dyed red with your blood and sweat

Hope you can reach your dream
Hope your dream only shows you the things you can hold on to
Because success is about taking as much as you give
Hope your dream doesn’t give you something too precious

Hope your dream doesn’t attract attention
Protect it like a secret, and always hold your breath
Because the world is a place that takes as much as it gives
Hope your dream doesn’t only show you dreamlike things

Hope your dream lasts long

I get more and more scared
I’m running but my feet and heart forget why
Dreams just become baggage now
My only hope is to just leave it behind and run
Rushing myself to take just one more step
But when I looked up, I’m right in front of a cliff
I look back and all these expectations are lined up behind me
It pretends to support me but it’s pushing my back
—  에픽 하이 (EPIK HIGH) - 빈차 (Home Is Far Away) (Feat. OH HYUK)