quotes about tomorrow

He said “when you’re away” in those notes.

…not “Gone” or “Dead” He wrote “when you’re away” like Shiro was just on some long trip, not announced dead due to a pilot error. These notes on the board were made after Keith got kicked out, after the pilot error was announced, after Keith started looking for a purpose again. …he didn’t want to think that Shiro was dead. He didn’t want to believe it

Don’t forget how hard seventeen was. That year took more than it gave, but one thing it did give was empathy. At the very least, you can understand people’s suffering now, and you have learned that suffering is relative. Don’t forget that you’re still allowed to have rough days, but remember to help out others who are also having a rough day. And if you ever feel seventeen again, just remember with a smile all that happened at eighteen.
—  What I learned from being eighteen

“Besides, Neon tends to get… testy if I so much as comment on her social life. Lily needs my help, Neon doesn’t want it.” 

//Part one of a three part prom thing with @asksandyshores and I! Part two is right here