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Sometimes I just need to hear that everything will be okay.
I don’t want you to feel sorry for me.
I don’t expect you to understand, just tell me that I’ll be okay.

Sometimes I just want to talk to you.
I want to know what makes you smile, what you believe in or where you see yourself in twenty years.
I want to know why something makes you smile or makes you feel that type of way.

Sometimes I just want to go to quiet places and walk with you by my side.
Don’t give me something fancy, give me you. That’s all I’m interested in.

Sometimes I just want you to know that an overly thankful girl hides behind this mask I wear. I’m so grateful for having you, I just don’t know how to tell you..

Sometimes I wish I could love “ me ” for what I am supposed to be.
I just want to give you something I can be proud of. Just so I can stop feeling anxious everytime I try to open up.
So I can stop denying the fact that I am good enough.

Sometimes I just want to look into your eyes all day, so I can see those stars again. The ones you always show me whilst telling me how much you adore me.

Sometimes I just want to be able to prove to you how much I love you.
Maybe I should start with saying ;

“ I love you. ”

- Caitlin Alyssa

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My entry for the Lady Midnight ARC contest (: 

Just casually gazing at my favorite books and my Lady Midnight sampler, wishing I could know more! 

Two favorite series, two favorite couples and two favorite quotes come to my mind as I think about theses books. (a.k.a my prized possessions)

“Of course you can have a true Shadowhunter name,“ Will said. "You can have mine.”
Tessa stared at him, all black and white against the black-and-white snow and stone. “Your name?”
Will took a step toward her, till they stood face-to-face. Then he reached to take her hand and slid off her glove, which he put into his pocket. He held her bare hand in his, his fingers curved around hers. His hand was warm and callused, and his touch made her shiver. His eyes were steady and blue; they were everything that Will was: true and tender, sharp and witty, loving and kind. “Marry me,” he said. “Marry me, Tess. Marry me and be called Tessa Herondale. Or be Tessa Gray, or be whatever you wish to call yourself, but marry me and stay with me and never leave me, for I cannot bear another day of my life to go by that does not have you in it.”

Clockwork Princess (The Infernal Devices #3) by Cassandra Clare

“Magnus reached for Alec, but instead of rising to his feet, he pulled Alec against him, his hand sliding up Alec’s back to knot in his hair. Magnus pulled Alec down and against him, and kissed him,hard and awkward and determined, and Alec froze for a moment and then abandoned himself to it, to kissing Magnus, something he’d thought he’d never get to do again. Alec ran his hands up Magnus’s shoulders to the sides of his neck and cupped his hands there, holding Magnus in place while he kissed him thoroughly breathless.”

City of Heavenly Fire (The Mortal Instruments #6) by Cassandra Clare

And! One of my favorite exchanges in the Shadowhunter Chronicles in general: 

“You don’t think I can fight.“ Tessa said, drawing back and matching his silvery gaze with her own. “Because I’m a girl.”
“I don’t think you can fight because you’re wearing a wedding dress”, said Jem. “For what it’s worth, I don’t think Will could fight in that dress either.”
“Perhaps not,” said Will, who had ears like a bat’s. “But I would make a radiant bride.”

Clockwork Princess (The Infernal Devices #3) by Cassandra Clare

Wessa and Malec, where can you go wrong? 

These books are so fantastic @cassandraclare and I cannot wait for many more Shadowhunters books!

I’ve tried to block your memory to protect me from the pain, pretend I never knew you, and never heard your name. But the walls aren’t strong enough and I fight my tears in vain. The feeling came creeping through and the hurt is still the same. I wish I could forget you, or make you see me now. The pain will ease in time, and though I know it’s over and what we had is gone, the memories will live forever in a corner of my mind.

“We started the Cloud Nine recording with the songs George had already written, including a song I had co-written with him & Jeff called ‘That’s What It Takes’ One early afternoon, a few weeks after starting the album, we were all together in the studio when Jim Keltner started playing a cool rhythm pattern on his drum machine. An inspiration suddenly came over me and I started singing the chorus to “I’ve Got My Mind Set On You” while playing a bass line with my left hand, and a brass part with my right. “

“George smiled at me while everyone picked up their instruments and we all started playing the chorus  The track came together literally in a matter of minutes. Later on, when the album was released, “Got My Mind Set On You’ came out as the first single and went straight to number 1 in the Billboard charts. I was so happy for George that he was back at the top again, and I particularly loved the video he made for “Set On You” —-   especially the part when a George look-a-like stuntman did the back-flip during the solo section of the song, It had George’s humor written all over it!” - Gary Wright, from his memoir, “Dream Weaver: A Memoir; Music, Meditation, and My Friendship with George Harrison“

If you take away all the glamour and glitter of the Hipster movement, you’re really just left with a bunch of wannabe hobos.
—  The business school students who are chatting outside my office right now. @dj-hipstermiles these kids are mocking your kind.