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There is a certain grace to having your heart broken.
—  Lena Dunham, Not That Kind of Girl

“He was driven by his hunger to learn, to constantly top himself, to be the best. He was the consummate student. He studied the greats and became greater. He raised the bar and then broke the bar. His talent and creativity thrust him and entertainment into the stratosphere.

I mean, Michael was awesome! Totally in charge. In fact the more I think and talk about Michael Jackson, the more I feel the "King Of Pop” was not big enough for him. I think he was simply The Greatest Entertainer That Ever Lived.

-Berry Gordy

…It’s a very small number who are able to receive this honor of being nominated, so I feel lucky and blessed because I know how many actors out there didn’t get that call on Emmy morning.“

But Washington is quick to add that she’s careful not to equate accolades with accomplishment. “I think there’s a little bit of a danger in making any award the symbol of success,” she said. “There are phenomenal actors like Tatiana that aren’t nominated this year, and absolutely deserve to be. So, I’m always reluctant to say this is the symbol of doing GOOD WORK— but that being said, I feel very, very, very blessed.


Kerry Washington. “How Kerry Washington Survived The Most Gruelling "Scandal” Season Yet". Jarrett Wieselman. Buzzfeed.com. 9 August 2014. (x)

How one gracefully accepts an honour, genuinely acknowledges and celebrates the talent of another; and professionally and tactfully comments on a poor quality season…She knows. And she’s letting you know, she knows.

What if we stop talking about sad things and we talk about her?

Melissa Mcbride

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Melissa McQueen, light of my life. The Sun of TWD. The sun of this world

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Melissa Mcbride aka the best actress of the fucking world. You can find her in every review of twd described as an outstanding actress, brilliant, unique, alien, magnificent, beautiful actress. Every person who was worked with her and every person who was seen her acting say the same

“ She an unique and beautiful talent”

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So, why don’t we just talk about her? All the season? Until Carol appears again with her future husband Daryl Dixon?

I’m not sorry.

I don’t have regrets

I just love this woman so much, she is an angel, she is my Queen.

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I could put quotes about how talented and beautiful she is from everyone of the cast etc.. but I would need like.. hundreds of posts hahaha. But still..

-”She is the greatest single actress I’ve ever work with”- Andrew Lincoln

-  “Melissa McBride shines in this week’s stellar episode of The Walking Dead (..) If any character in the show has made meaningful changes, it’s definitely Carol.”- review

- No one better in the acting game than @mcbridemelissa- Alanna Masterson

- “Melissa Mcbride shines in every episode even though it is shitty writing”- review from an Spanish magazine

-” Who does she have to kill to earn an Emmy nomination?”


Let’s love Melissa :)

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Major Milestone

Now that I’m home from DC and made it through the wonderful world of Thanksgiving weekend retail…I have a chance to share an important milestone with all of you.  :o)

A couple of days before I left for DC, my editor sent me back the last chapters of my novel, so editing is complete!  She did suggest that I go back and read through everything, beginning to end, just to double check and make sure everything flows well and stays consistent.  I took a much needed break from everything and just enjoyed myself in DC -  and got through this past holiday weekend, so now I can concentrate on making sure everything is correct one more time.  Then…time to begin the actual publishing process!  I’m going to be going the self-publishing route, so I can get this story out there and into readers’ hands.  

I would not have gotten this far without JLY’s inspiration - in the beginning, his quote about getting your talent out into the world and never giving up was the catalyst for me to really push to get my work out there, no matter what obstacles came my way.  And along the way, he has continued to inspire me to keep going, and to create even more with my second book that I’m working on now, along with more poetry and music.  I have also received so much support and encouragement from all of you - and it all means more to me than you could ever know.

I’m so excited that I will finally be able to get my words out there for you to read.  A sincere and heartfelt thank you to @johnlloydyoungfriends and my JLY sisters for your continued inspiration, encouragement, and support.  To borrow a song from the Kennedy Center show…”Maybe I’m Amazed”.  I AM amazed.  With love and gratitude for all of you…  (((HUGS)))