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I’m not very good at being alone lately, but then I’m even worse with people. It’s people that seem to make it impossible to live with myself. My hours alone are spent wondering what I said, why I said it, why I shouldn’t have said it, what they said, what they meant, what they think of me, what I should say and how I should behave next time to make it better
—  Carrie Fisher, The Princess Diarist according to Carrie’s tweet

America laughs from deep behind the hollow of her throat, this bright, liquid sound spilling out like she’s somehow found a way to bottle starlight, and Kate feels something unspool inside of her. 

“You fucking idiot,” America says, soft and fond in a way that Kate’s never heard before, and Kate realizes that this is what America must be like, stripped bare of all the thorns she wears for protection against the outside world.

                                                         — You are my replica of the multiplying universe

I love things being between. I love nothing being certain. It might be why I love water so much; how it’s never constant, always flowing. And why my favorite color is blue with other blues in it. It might be singing, dancing, and acting, and why I love theatre that integrates all three. I love stars because we don’t know much about them, and I love the ocean for the same reason. I love half finished drawings, because sometimes the potential is more beautiful than the outcome, and that’s kind of how I see myself.
—  Unfinished. thisbedottie [x]
She was the hero,
the one to bring them all together. 
She was the villain, 
the one who lost all she ever had. 
She was the child, 
the one breaking apart under everything
     (i never wanted any of this)
—  and the lonely lost girl crumbled into dust (lost in the ravages of time) || e.q.

Kid: “A star just fell from the sky.”

Laughing Bull: “That is not an ordinary star, my son. That star is the tear of a warrior.”

Kid: “What warrior is it?”

Laughing Bull: “A lost soul who has finished his battles somewhere on this planet. A pitiful soul who could not find his way to the lofty realm where the great spirit awaits us all.”

The real lover is the man who can thrill you by kissing your forehead or smiling into your eyes or just staring into space.
—  Marilyn Monroe
That’s what it feels like when you touch me. Like millions of tiny universes being born and then dying in the space between your finger and my skin.
—  Iain Thomas, I Wrote This For You

Between pages 95 and 199, Starscream completely forgets his scientific credentials. (From Transformers: Exodus by Alex Irvine)

(Irvine’s explanation when asked about this on Twitter: “Let’s say he’s always been scientifically curious.”)