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Quotes About Smiling, Picture, Text and Cute Sayings

In the words of Mary H. Waldrip, who said one of the most beautiful quotes about smiling, A laugh is a smile that bursts. Starting from a smile and stretching into a laugh, one cannot help but feel beautiful when it comes to smiling.

A true reflection of a beautiful being reflects in his or her smile. When you come to think of it, no matter how many quotes are made on smiling, the best ones are always made by the laughing lips of a beautiful girl who is complimented by a handsome man on the one prized possession she has: her smile.

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I never used to smile in pictures when I was with him. It felt so unnatural to me. I struggled to find angles that I liked, so I always pouted because I wanted to look sexy. A pout was sexy and he loved his girls sexy. He always would yell at me to smile and that I looked ridiculous with the pout. I just couldn’t smile, I didn’t feel it.
Now that he’s gone, I can smile more. It feels intuitive now to smile for a picture or just in general. I sincerely feel happy when I’m smiling because it’s now for me and not him.
—  Confessions of the Soul