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Gabriella: I’m not a big fan of Latin for skating. I love Latin dances, I love watching Latin dances, on the floor. But on the ice… I think it’s such a different dynamic in the body that cannot really be translated on the ice, so it’s always gonna look kind of… cheap…

Guillaume: Cliché…

Gabriella: Cheap and cliché, Latin dances on the ice. Plus, there are no much possible different choices for themes and musics. Latin music always kind of sounds the same for me, with the same kind of instruments, and rhythms and… Not like this season – you could’ve had the 20ties, the 30ties, the 40ties, the 60ties, rock ’n’ roll, hip-hop, there was so many difference choices you could have! Latin music? Iiiih, not so many! [she makes a squeaking sound, and then starts laughing]. So it’s hard to be original on these things.

remember how even though Viktor wasn’t there, pretty much all Yuuri was thinking about while he skated in episode nine was Viktor, Viktor’s face and everything Viktor had ever said to him?

Remember how, “You can feel Katsuki Yuuri’s love,” is an actual canon quote about the way Yuuri skated his program while thinking the whole time about Viktor’s face?

Remember how there is zero heterosexual explanation for anything that happened in episode nine?

Because I do.

Clip from an interview with Victor Nikiforov

Reporter: You shocked the skating world when you left the ice to coach Yuuri Katsuki. What everyone is dying to know is why?

Victor: I’ve been wanting to try coaching for a while, and when I saw Yuuri skate, I just had to be his coach right now.

Reporter: What is it about Katsuki that made you feel that way? He hasn’t been that remarkable in the past.

Victor: You’re wrong. What draws me to Yuuri as a skater is the way he embodies the music. He came to skating from a ballet background and it shows, doesn’t it? There’s nothing more beautiful in this world than Yuuri’s skating when he’s in the zone.

Reporter: His recent performances certainly make it hard to argue with you. Has anything surprised you working with Yuuri?

Victor: Oh lots of things. But you know what’s fantastic? Yuuri has the most amazing stamina. He goes at it with all he’s got until I’m beyond satsfied. *smiles blissfully*

Reporter: *blushing* Well, you must certainly be getting a lot of practice in, then.

Victor: Every chance we get *winks*

  • Victor: This katsudon is amazing.
  • Yurio: My god, get a room.
  • Victor: I would get a room with this katsudon. I think I could show it a good time.
We’ve been competing together for a long time and always Javier told me, “Congratulations, I’m so proud of you” when I won, and now I’m in the opposite position. Now I realize how happy you feel when your teammate makes such a good result, so I’m very proud of him.
—  Yuzuru Hanyu, from a news article in the Vancouver Sun

My English teacher told me that I’m stubborn,

She said that I need to write more to ‘get the juices flowing’,

But she doesn’t know that these thoughts I have are messed up,

My mixed up words don’t flow together on paper like they do in my head.

—  I’m not a writer, I’m a thinker
I dare you to be open minded. I’m not just talking about the way you love your best friend the way she is or how you accept your gay friends for who they are. I’m challenging you to not just surround yourself with the same exact people that you always do. Don’t not get to know someone because they like different movies than you or are into different things.
—  You might find something you didn’t know you loved