quotes about school

I would like to get to know you. I would like to talk to you every day. I would like to know about your interests and hobbies. I would like to know everything about you. I would like to know you. I would like to be friends with you. I would like to be with you.
—  I would like // 12:26am
Quotes from College
  • “porn is a theme”  “idk i think its more of a hobby”
  • “I don’t like sex because thats what dishwashers are for”
  • “yes, i stab every baby. I stabbed you as a baby, and I will stab your babies and then your babies’ babies.”
  • “Are you eating easy mac with chopsticks?” “yeah” “why” “because i’ve lost the small amount of control i had over my life”
  • “Have you jumped a horse since may?” “No, but my death wish is pretty intense today.” “Okay” *jumps fence that is definitely too high while trainer nods in solidarity*
  • “I’m trying to decide if I should get up and eat a trisket” “just one?” “yeah.”
  • “I’d fight a clown. I’d fight 10 clowns!”
  • “…and then {the dean} said to just fucking get over it” “wait, did she actually say that?” “bro, would I lie about this?”
  • “This…is…Howard!” *bio professor whips out chameleon from god only knows where*
  • “These are the Yale-ies. They are capuchins, there are 9 of them, all of them are named after James Bond characters and all of them are assholes.” 
  • “This is where we keep the leopard geckos and the turtles. the geckos like to be pet. the turtles do not. I know its tempting, but dont touch the turtles” *later that day, newbie comes in with bandaged fingers* “WHAT THE FUCK DID I SAY!”
  • “Hey, professor, we named one of our plants after you!” “Ah, is this a good thing?” “Depends. We may kill it.”
  • “So you work with the monkeys?” “Yep.” “What do you do with them?”  “Oh, you know. Monkey business.” 

@wafflegilmore asked: favorite luke gestures towards the girls

I keep having dreams about you. You’re always on my mind, 24/7. Sometimes I imagine what it’s like to be with you, to have you be mine. Those dreams that I have feel so real. It’s almost like they are.
—  dreams about you // 12:46am
  • Jimin: So, how's the most beautiful person in the world doing?
  • Jungkook: *Not even looking up from his book* I don't know, how are you doing, Jimin hyung?
  • Jimin:
  • Jimin: *gulps* *voice cracking* I'm fine.
Seeing you with her makes my stomach churn. She gets to talk to you, she gets to know you, she gets to walk with you everyday, she gets to text you, she gets to call you, she gets be with you every second of the day. Not me.
—  she // 12:50pm
wanna one as things i've heard at my school
  • Daniel: i had a dream where i let a bunch of cats out in ikea and everything kinda broke lose. it was catastrophic
  • Jihoon: looking forward to summer so i don't have to deal with you guys and your ugly lives.
  • Daehwi: i went on vacation for two weeks and the only part i remember is seeing a dog eat a corn on the cob.
  • Jaehwan: i'm not saying that you should all date me because i'm a sweetie pie but you should all date me because i am a fucking sweetie pie.
  • Seongwoo: you aren't born with a perfect face. i mean unless you're me.
  • Woojin: sometimes i think about what it would be like if everyone just like... stopped.
  • Guanlin: i have eaten nothing but hot pockets and red bull for 24 hours i have reached god level, i am unstoppable.
  • Jisung: it costs so much money to die man, like i can't even get a job how am i gonna pay 30000 dollars to die?
  • Minhyun: i live through my sims. like can i cook? fuck no! but you bet that my sim is the best fucking cook you've ever seen.
  • Jinyoung: did you know that pigeons delivered the results for olympic games? like imagine if they got the winner wrong and they have to send another pigeon and it flies in like "squawk squawk bitch you thought."
  • Sungwoon: when it's raining i just think about who hurt the cloud. why are you crying sweetie?
Because we’re more than sisters. We chose each other. We’re best friends.
—  Agatha, The School for Good and Evil #3: The Last Ever After by Soman Chainani
I saw you walking down the hallway and my heart instantly started racing. My palms got sweaty as we made eye contact. My breath hitched as I saw your tall frame walking on the opposite side of me. You make me nervous every time I see you.
—  today // 3:48pm

“I discovered poetry when I was in elementary school and I was so fascinated by it. Because I realised if you get the right amount of syllables and the right amount of words, in the right rhyme scheme and you put it all together. You make words just bounce of a page”


S o n s  o f  W i n t e r f e l l .
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A Day At Disney’s Secret “Gay Subtext Department,” Part 2

Songwriter (not from Gay Subtext Department): Mr. Ortega, I have a love song that would be perfect for your movie!  It’s all about two people from different worlds who come together, and the feelings they have for each other despite knowing that it isn’t meant to be.

Kenny Ortega: *reading the lyrics* Oh, wonderful!  This’ll be perfect for Mal and Evie.

Songwriter: Mal and…Evie?

Various GSD employees standing behind Kenny Ortega: *make frantic “cut it out” gestures at Songwriter*

Kenny Ortega: Problem?

Songwriter:  I mean…it doesn’t really make sense for them, because they’re not really from different worlds.  And, um, they’re not really the main couple, or, um, a couple at all, since they’re, um, both girls.  Shouldn’t Mal and Ben have a song?

Various GSD employees: *wince*

Kenny Ortega: Listen.  Andrew.  My sawed-off Sondheim. How much money did the High School Musical movies make?

Songwriter: Two hundred and fifty-three million dollars?

Kenny Ortega: And what is Newsies now?

Songwriter: A hit Broadway musical?

Kenny Ortega: And how many times has Disney slipped your compositions into one of their movies?

Songwriter: This would be the first.

Kenny Ortega: Which tells us what?

Songwriter: That I need to write Harry Hook more solos?

Kenny Ortega: No. It tells us that you do not offer direction, suggestion, or commentary. And you should be thankful that I am here to lift your music out of its current obscurity. Are we clear? 

Songwriter: Yes sir.  I mean, Kenny.

Kenny Ortega: Have a nice day!  *exits, swishing his enormous black cape, which is now covered in sequins*