quotes about revenge

  • [RFA at an amusement park]:
  • ZEN: MC~ What do you want to ride?
  • MC: I want to ride that! [points to Seven]
  • 707: [blushing furiously]
  • ZEN:
  • MC: I mean his car that's behind him.
  • 707:
  • Yoosung: [eating a corndog and chokes]

does it ever just hit you that your favorite band members actually exist? like, theyre out there. living life. breathing air.

  • Chuuya: You can't just touch someone's life and just be done with it!
  • Dazai: Yes I can. That's how I roll~

Killing one of the dragons would start a war. 

For once, it was not Vox Machina. 

T’was Vorugal who killed the dragon and started a war.


And we’ll love again, we’ll laugh again, we’ll cry again and we’ll dance again.  

(Today I don’t need to reach your deafened ears and
I don’t need to try and fill your empty heart, ‘cause
All I need now is the agony I see upon your face,
That’s good enough for me
In the end…)
—  Hatsune Miku, “Tsumi to Batsu (Crime and Punishment)”
If we a worthy enemy do find,
To yield to worth, it must be nobly done:
But if of baser metal be his mind,
In base revenge there is no honor won.
Who would worthy courage overthrow,
And who would wrestle with a worthless foe?
—  Elizabeth Cary, The Tragedy of Miriam