quotes about pride

Listen carefully to first criticisms made of your work. Note just what it is about your work that critics don’t like - then cultivate it. That’s the only part of your work that’s individual and worth keeping.
—  Jean Cocteau
I love your smile, your big bright eyes, your laugh, your cute giggle, your dorky side, your bad side, your mood swings, your potential psycho side, bitchy side and pretty much every everything about you. I just don’t pick one side of you. When I chose you, I pick all parts of you. That’s how much I love you.
—  Ymrac (My Unstable Mental Health)

HP AU: Ravenclaw Annabeth Aesthetic

Even strength has to bow to wisdom sometimes.

These aren’t riddles. It’s just a bunch of dumb, random facts. Riddles are supposed to make you think. I’m a child of Athena, and this is an insult to my intelligence. I won’t answer these questions.

Children of Athena are supposed to be wise, not just clever.

HP Characters >>>> Pansy Parkinson  

“She’s really ugly,” says Pansy Parkinson, a pretty and vivacious fourth-year student, “but she’d be well up to making a Love Potion, she’s quite brainy. I think that’s how she’s doing it." 

Pride Aesthetics: Bi Annabeth

“Well, Annabeth could give you some idea. I once promised to make her love life interesting, and didn’t I?”

Annabeth almost snapped the handle off her teacup.

“Interesting,” Annabeth said, “is a mild way of putting it.”

Simon Woods, who plays Bingley, I dyed his hair red for this film. And weirdly, it’s continued to grow red and he resents me deeply for that. He was actually blond. But he should get over it. Do you know what i mean? - Joe Wright

At the very least I hope she takes the edge off, I hope she eases your anxieties, and understands that she will need to spend her life building windows to try and show you that you’re a galaxy.
—  A letter from your ex to your next. S.e.s
In Jane Austen’s world I can feel at home and be as much alive as in my own. The same laws function there that control me here. No licences are issued for distortion and improbability. I meet these people who are no mere characters in fiction, but sensible companions, and their thoughts and feelings are in close alliance with what I personally think and feel.
—  Sheila Kaye-Smith, ‘Talking of Jane Austen’ (1943).
Como é adorável passar a tarde assim! Garanto que não há nada mais divertido que ler! Tudo cansa, menos um livro! Quando tiver a minha própria casa, não serei feliz até ter uma excelente biblioteca!
—  Orgulho e Preconceito - Jane Austen
Do anything rather than marry without affection.