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Anime Protagonists Meeting
  • Lelouch Lamperouge: I have an unbelievably horrible father.
  • Edward Elric: Dude you have no idea.
  • Shinji Ikari: Shut up, Ed, you don't even have the worst father in your own series! My disappeared for years and then told me to get in this giant-
  • Eren Jaeger/Yeager/???: Get in the giant? Bitch, please!
  • Rin Okumura: You're all adorable.
  • Nobunaga: Look on the bright side. Nobody got hurt.
  • MC: People did get hurt!
  • Nobunaga: I'm saying, they died quickly. So I don't think they got hurt.
It sounds cliche, but, recover for the things you love, and the people you’ve lost. Recover so you can find yourself again and be hopeful for you future, as you will finally have one. Recover because the people that love you are tired of watching you suffer. If you can’t recover for yourself, then do it for the people that love you. Your parents, siblings, best friend or lover. Recover so that in years to come you can say “I have recovered.” As in: You won. Recover for the person you _want_ to be. Not the person you are now.

It’s becoming clear that they have nothing new to talk about. People paid like £ 1000 to hear anecdotes about Benedict’s marriage, other than that it’s just *crickets* and people reusing other people’s quotes from several years ago (e.g. Jonathan Aris compared the filming to “beatlemania” Martin have already done exactly the same thing in 2015)

You are my River.
—  Matt Smith to Alex Kingston | Alex Kingston, Intervention Con, 2016

Okay, I get that Shippuuden and anything that followed are touchy subjects within a great part of the Naruto fandom. I also get that an even greater part of the fandom absolutely refuses to acknowledge gajillion filler episodes that made Shippuuden drag on (and on and on and on) for ages.

But why on earth is nobody ever talking about flippin’ Naruto Shippuuden episode 185?

Has the fandom just come to the decision to collectively repress the sheer insanity of that episode? What exactly happened during production? Who made the decisions? What drugs did the writers ingest? How on earth did we end up with:

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Well, movies are about ghosts! Especially old movies. People became aware of whatever cinema was in the late ’50s, early ’60s, when the first generation of silent actors were gone, and, all of a sudden, you had these movies that were just full of specters. So film has always been the land of the dead.

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Omg, i have a great idea! Dum dum dum dum, wait for it... BIBLE. (I'm sure someone will kill me/punish me for this).


* Favorite Male Character: (Quite possibly Satan but that’s because I LOVE to pieces Milton’s Paradise Lost and I have this thing about sympathizing for the villain. But that’s probably blasphemy, so.)

*sympathy for the devil plays v loudly*

Jesus, everyone’s favourite brown-skinned socialist hippie, who advocated for universal healthcare, second chances and non-violent revolution. Jesus was cool.

* Favorite Female Character: JUDITH. She was hella fierce, and I also have a thing for cool ladies cutting out heads and carrying them around in their purses (see also: Cordelia Naismith Vorkosigan, the literary lady I aspire to be).

* Least Favorite Character: King Ahasuerus from the book of Esther (fully admit I had to look up the spelling for his name, I’m not THAT big of a nerd.)

Not only he had his wife sent away because she didn’t feel like showing up at his party, but the only reason he didn’t commit genocide was because he was such a weak-ass who didn’t know what the hell was doing and his second wife was smart. Fuck him.

(Also God who kills everyone and starts shit for no reason? But that’s also blasphemy and also, the Old Testament vengeful God thing is cool to read about. It just irks me when Americans politicians people quote the Old Testament like it’s the key to winning an argument and I’m like ‘No, dude. Your God killed 98% of the people in that book, COME ON.)

* Favorite Ship: David and Jonathan. Which is gay as fuck. In the Bible. Never forget that.

Also never forget that we got a honest-to-god (aha!) modern!AU adaptation of the Book of Samuel with Jonathan played by a very sad, very gay Sebastian Stan. That is a thing which happened. And we were alive to see it.

* Favorite Friendship: Moses and the Pharaoh from Exodus, because IT’S TRAGIC. I watched the Prince of Egypt when I was like 6 and then I looked it up the Bible and did you know God’s the bastard who influences the Pharaoh to go with his army after Moses and gets him killed just because he could? And they’d grown up together. Much sad, very biblical. Duh.

* Favorite Quote: “Nor shall you cut your hair roundwise: nor shave your beard“ which comes right after the Leviticus line that allegedly (not true!) it’s against gay people. I find it fun to remind whoever’s quoting that BS line at me that according to the very same book, most men are sinners for shaving

But also: “Then two bears came out of the woods and mauled forty-two of the youths.” (Kings 2:23-24)

Worst Character Death (if any): Samson, the poor man. Here, have a Regina Spektor song.

This made me so happy you have no idea Moment: IDK is the fucking Bible what’s in there to be happy about?

Saddest Moment: Did God really HAVE to curse Eve with ‘the pain of childbirth’. Was that really necessary. YOUR HUSBAND WILL RULE OVER YOU. Did we *really* need that? U dick. Sexist piece of shit.

Favorite Location: BABYLON hands down.

*rereads what i have written*

    [send me a fandom that won’t get me to sin, please]

    Was A in season 1?

    So she’s refusing to answer that question. Although I think this could lean either way (saying yes or no would both be spoilers), I feel like the answer to this question is NO. Why? Because she’d never want to admit that we didn’t see A in season 1. She knows we all want to believe that we’ve known A all along and that it’s someone who was right in front of us. But it probably isn’t. She decided who A/Charles was at the beginning of season 3, and they may have been introduced to us at a later point. This opens up the door for people like Cece and Holbrooke and even red herrings like Leslie and Andrew. 

    To add to this, whenever people misunderstand her old quote about A having been in the pilot, she quickly corrects them by saying that she was referring to Original A, aka Mona, and that it’s possible that Big A was in the pilot but they may not be. The fact that she regularly corrects people on this means she’s making sure that they won’t scream at her later for lying to them, and therefore Charles/Big A was not in the pilot, possibly not in season 1 at all.


    I think you could safely call me the king of hearts.  LOL  Greetings my friends and I hope you’ll please forgive my silliness.  I don’t have anything demanding to be written at the moment so I thought I’d share this.  In my earliest days on Tumblr I discovered that one of my greatest pleasures here was supporting (loving) my fellow writers and most especially my friends.  There’s no wrong or right way to use your hearts.  That’s totally up to you, but I’m going to be playfully controversial here and paraphrase the old quote about compliments.  Some people throw hearts around like manhole covers.  Mike’s Note: I hear they’re rather heavy.  ;)  Speaking only for myself, as far as I know I’ve been given a lifetime unlimited free supply to use as I please and when the time comes I’m going out with both guns blazing.  While I hope that’s no time soon, I wish to have no hearts left in my holster when it does arrive, because I truly do love you all.

    Mike <3