quotes about lovers

To walk around inside a library and see all the books and take one out, at random, and read at the back of it… and just to be there in those rooms with all the books and all their stories…that’s heaven for me and makes me truly happy! It’s so soothing…
—  something I wrote years ago and it’s still very true, now more than ever with my work and everything, @the-librarian-geek

When your president wants to cut funding to science then you have this shit that tells you how much we NEED science!

God, I fucking miss you so much. It hits me randomly during the day. I’m with people who actually care about me, laughing, smiling, being happy and then out of nowhere it hits me that you left. You left and it didn’t even hurt you. Not talking to me isn’t even fucking hurting you, because I was just another girl to you. I was just another one of your fucking toys.
—  How could I be so stupid?

I’ll delete your number,
but not after calling it
one last time;
just to confirm you never again
want to be mine.

One day,
I’ll dig up that old box of our things
with one concern;
to look at the pictures of us,
knowing I’ll feel nothing in return.

Maybe soon,
I’ll run into you at the club;
with a girl on your arm.
The best part is,
My heart won’t leave that place,
left in lurch,
I will be my own;
and simply unhurt.

—  a.a.
maybe in the future… m.k.j.
This summer I drew a line and turned off my feelings. I have committed myself to no strings attached, pure, relaxed fun. But as the summer goes on, I feel the line starting to get crossed. I slowly back away and you drag me back across with your lips and your hands and the way my body reacts to you.
—  Me, 26.7.16, “Me and the Hipster”